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The Unknown Part 3 . . . by Jesseca

I am out of town so I am posting the parts all at once, but I'm scheduling them for once a day.

Part 3
Six weeks later, Andi walked down the school steps with a sigh. School was SO much different without Cory. But, at least the first half of the term was over and it was only two months before Cory would be home for Christmas.
Justin wasn't finished at the office yet, so Andi walked around town. She was passing the post office when she heard Jack yelling at her to stop. 
Turning, she saw Jack running toward her, waving a piece of paper. “Here's a letter for you, Andi . It's from Cory.”
Grabbing the letter out of his hand she tore open the envelope.
Jack looked at her. “What's he say?”
“He says he's doing well at college, he misses everyone here but has already made a good friend. His name is Micah Wilson and he might come to Fresno with Cory for Christmas,” Andi replied as she quickly scanned the pages.
“That's great news! Hey, what’s that?” Jack said, cocking his head to the side and listening carefully.
“What's what?”
“Just listen, you'll hear.”
Andi listened. “It sounds as though someone's yelling but I don't recognize the voice.”
“That's what I mean. It's no one from around here. The accent is different. More southern. Want to go see what it is?”
Andi stuffed the letter in her pocket. “Sure. But let's hurry, Justin's bound to be done soon.”
Quickly but quietly they headed toward the sounds that grew louder as the approached.
“It seems to be coming from the behind the livery,” Andi whispered.
“You’re right.” Jack pushed Andi up against the side of the stables. “You wait here. I'll be back.”
What?” Andi protested.
“I don't have time to argue.” Jack disappeared round the corner.
Slowly, Andi crept along the wall and peered around the corner. There stood two men who had suddenly quieted at the sight of Jack. Jack was talking to them in a low voice Andi couldn't hear.
Soon, Jack waved goodbye and started back toward Andi .
“They're looking for work. They just moved here from Kentucky. They're used to ranch work so I suggested your ranch to them.”
Andi looked startled. “Our ranch? What were they arguing about?”
Jack frowned. “I forgot to ask. I just asked who they were, where they came from and what they needed. And after I told them about the Carter ranch they got this glint in their eyes.”
“What do you mean?”
“I'm not sure. Almost as though I had just given them information they needed.”
“Needed for what?” Andi 's eyes were wide.
“I'm not sure. I wish I hadn't given them the directions to your ranch.”
“You gave them directions? Are they going there now?”
Jack nodded. “They mounted their horses and left. They were horses from the livery.”
Andi groaned “Oh, no!  Mother is at home alone right now. Chad, Mitch and most of the ranch hands are trying to round up Whirlwind who escaped again and Melinda's suitor was going to take her out for a long buggy ride today.”
“We need to get Justin,”  Jack said, hurrying down the street.
Andi hurried after him though he was far ahead of her. As she rounded the corner of the livery her foot caught on the trim of her dress and she tumbled to the ground, knocking down the person in front of her.
“Oh I'm so sorry!” she apologized. “Are you alright? I was hurrying because I need to get to my brother.
Just then the young man turned toward her.
“Riley!” she gasped.


  1. Well, just the person she needs. :)

    1. Sorry that Is;
      What do you mean?

    2. It sounded like Andi could use the help of Riley right about then. If Chad, Mitch and most of the hands are gone from the ranch, Justin might like another young man in case something happens.

    3. True, I get it!!!

    4. Rebekah,
      (Hope I'm not being rude) How old are you? I'm 10. :P

    5. Not at all, Anna. :) I am 30. :)

    6. OK Just wondered. I'm 10 :}

  2. Cool... this story is awesome, can't wait for part 4!!
    Is part 4 coming Sunday?

  3. This is sooo cool. I loove this story. If I didn't know better I would say that this was Andi/Susan writing this. I can't wait for the rest of the parts. Good Job!!!

    1. I have to say that I agree with you completely Horse Crazy Gal!!

  4. HORSE CRAZY GAL!!!October 12, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    Susan, what is the next voting thing for us? I can't wait. You should do another series (or continue this series with more books) with Andi for the Circle C Journeys series. :)
    I am writing a series of books about a thirteen year old girl and her gang who get involved in a lot of adventure and mysteries. The book that I am working on now is about them white water rafting the Grand Canyon. I love to write but if you (or ANY ONE ELSE!) has any ideas for me. PLEASE COMMENT BACK! I want this to be a great series. If you have any more questions just comment back. Thank you!!!

    1. P.P.S. Who won the book in your giveaway?

    2. I believe Savannah won the first two Goldtown books. I'm not %100 sure :-).

    3. Her name is at my house, and I'm at my folks right now. But I think Audrey is right.

      Ok, horse crazy gal, I'm not sure what you're asking about doing more books in the series. That is what I am doing, HCG. It is a new series, with 4 more books. The first one comes out next summer . . .

    4. I'm a part of something called American Heritage Girls. It's pretty much the Christian version of Girl Scouts. For one of the badges I'm working on, I have to write the diary of an escaped slave. It's pretty exciting!!!!

    5. you story sound interesting, HORSE CRAZY GAL!!!,
      what are your characters' names?
      how goes your plot?
      (just wondering, so I could maybe think of some ideas for you.) ;)

  5. I'm really enjoying this story, and I love the fact that the characters are older. Thank you :)

    1. Where are you from Michaela?

  6. It was rather hard to make the characters older yet keep them in character so I'm really glad you all like it and are enjoying it! :-)

    1. we sure are enjoying it!! :D
      it is really good!
      how do you think up things for the story?!?!

    2. I just think of a whole bunch of ideas for different story's. Such as:
      A story with Cory leaving for college
      A story where Riley returns
      A story where two mystery men come to town and get mixed up with the Carter family.
      Then I (try to!) combine them into one story. :-)
      I hope that made sense!
      How do you get ideas for stories?

    3. Thanks that does help! :)
      Well, ideas seem to pop into my head.
      And once I get the main idea written down, I just go from there, pretty much. but then I get ideas from a bunch of different stories too. :)
      My ideas are:
      A story when Riley comes back (my first fan story) ;)
      A story when Andi goes on a trip to Tacoma WA. (still working on that one)
      And a story about Jack's Ma, ('nother fan story) etc. :)
      but I haven't tried combining them yet... :)
      how long did it take you to write this one? (its really, really good by the way)
      hope I didn't confuse you! :)

    4. I get ideas that way as well! This last story I wasn't really planning to write anything other then Cory going off to college but the two men in came to me as I was writing it and I was actually planning on saving Riley returning for another story but decided to include him just for fun!

      It took me about 5 days to write this particular story.
      Thanks! I'm really glad you are enjoying it. The best part of writing(at least I think so!) Is knowing that others enjoy what you have written.
      The story about Andi going to Tacoma sounds interesting!
      i can't wait to read it!
      Nope! You didn't confuse me at all.

    5. yeah, I think so too, that is the best part of writing! :)

    6. I couldn't agree more! What's the fun of writing if no one enjoys it? :) I've enjoyed reading all the stories you girls have written. :)

  7. I was looking over some old posts. Honestly, we fans could probably have all of Andi's siblings married in about ten minutes lol.
    Have any of you ever seen the Broadway Musical Little Women? We saw it last night and it was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! I definitely recommend it!

    1. yeah! we probably could! ;)
      I've been wanting to see that show for awhile. now I know that its good!! :)

    2. Oh it is! I recommend that you read the book first.

    3. I've read a whole bunch of different versions! :)
      I like Little Women! have you read Little Men, or Jo's Boys, or Good Wives? :)

    4. Good Wives is actually part of Little Women. Some books have both parts together in one book, others have them separate. I really like Little Men, and Jo's Boys, but I wouldn't recommend Jo's Boys for younger ones.

      Have you read Eight Cousins? Or Jack and Jill? Or An Old Fashioned Girl? They are all by Louisa May Alcott.

    5. I like Good Wives, it is a good sequel to Little Women. :)
      I haven't read Jo's Boys yet, I'm in the middle of Little Men right now.
      Are those other Louisa May Alcott books good too?

    6. I've read An old Fashioned Girl and it is excellent!
      You should definitely read it if you haven't yet!
      I'ts one of my favorites by Louisa May Alcott.

    7. I'll have to look it up! :)

    8. I love all of Louisa May Alcott's books, I've read all of the above ones, and some others, so many times!

    9. I've only read the short kid version of Little Women. I'm soo happy to know there are sequels!!!! Thanks everyone!

  8. Do any of you know what Cory's middle name is?
    thanks!! :)

    1. I don't think Cory's middle name is ever mentioned.

    2. hmm, I didn't think so. Thanks anyway! :)

    3. Cory's name is Richard Cory Blake, my friends! So "Cory" is Cory's middle name.


  9. for the story writing contest can andi be married and it be about her kid (s)?

  10. This is quite the story Jesseca! I wonder how it ends.

  11. Mrs. M,
    Did you choose which set of book titles you're going to use for the new series?

    1. Well, I think Kregel has chosen "Circle C Milestones" for the series title and the first book is (so far they've told me): Thick as Thieves.
      2 - The Last Ride
      3 - Shadow from the Past
      4 - A Time to Choose

      (these are tentative, the last 3)

  12. I love eight cousins and an old-fashioned girl. Louisa May Alcott is an amazing author.:)

  13. I love to read and I love little women:-)


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