Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Unknown Conclusion . . . by Jesseca

Here it is! The conclusion!

Part 6, Conclusion:
Andi gasped. “You're Micah?”
Micah laughed. “Yes, you see? I had a reasonable explanation to want to see Cory.”
Cory looked puzzled. “What's going on that I don't know about?”
Micah explained. When he was finished, Cory laughed. “You'll get yourself into trouble yet, Andi! Well, now that you know who each other are, will you declare a truce and be friends?”
Micah smiled, “Of course. That is, if Andi wants to be friends.”
Andi laughed. “I must apologize for how I was earlier. Any friend of Cory's is a friend of mine. How long are you both planning on staying?”
“We leave  a week after New Year's”
“Oh good! You get a nice long vacation then!”
After talking for a while, Chad came and told Andi it was time to leave.
“See you tomorrow at church. You'll be there to, won't you, Micah?
“I'm planning on it.”
“Andi , since school is out for the holidays, could Micah and I come to your ranch on Monday? I wanted to show him around. He rides well and we race and see who wins!
Andi turned to Chad. “Would that be alright?”
“Well you'd have to ask Mother but I'm sure it would be fine.”
Andi turned to Cory, “I'll let you know tomorrow.”
Cory nodded. “Alright. See you tomorrow!”
As  Andi and Chad walked out of the hotel, Micah turned to Cory and grinned. “I can't wait till Monday!”
Cory smiled. “Neither can I!”                                                    


Cory and Micah rode up on Monday morning. Mother had given permission and   Andi was looking forward to a day of fun. Quickly, she saddled Shasta, and she and Cory showed Micah all around the ranch. When they were finished with the tour, Cory turned  to Andi and grinned “Ready for a race?”
Andi grinned. “You know I never miss a chance to beat you!”
“Do you always win,  Andi?”Micah asked.
“All the time. Just watch.”
“You forget, Andi. We tied last time,” Cory said.
“But that was only once. And Micah is racing with us this time. He could win.”
“So, we race from the barn to the creek and whoever gets to the creek first wins?” Cory said.
“Right,” said Andi . “On your mark, get set, GO!”
Cory took the lead but quickly it was clear that the race was between Micah and Andi .
They reached the creek at the same time.
“So, who won?” asked Micah.
“I'd say it's a tie. You’re a really good rider!”
Micah grinned. “So are you.”
Cory rode up. “What's with you two leaving me behind?” he complained.
“You were too slow!” laughed Andi .                                                      


The rest of the holidays were full of fun. Micah seemed to pay more attention to Andi then anyone else, but Andi traced it to the fact that he was being kind to her because she was Cory's friend.
After the holidays when Andi was at the station seeing Cory's and Micah off, Cory pulled her aside and said, “Just between friends, Andi, I think Micah may be your first suitor.”
Andi gasped. “But I’m only 16.”
“Ahh, but you forget. When he comes back with me for the summer holiday's you will be 17.“
“He's coming back?”
“Yes, his family is back east and he doesn't have the money to visit them often. I promised him he could spend his holiday's with me. I'll miss you, Andi .”
“I don't want any suitors! If he is the first one, I'll never forgive you, Cory!” Andi said.
Cory grinned. “We both know you will. You could never be angry with me more than 5 minutes.”
Andi laughed “You’re right. I'll just send Micah to Chad. That'll keep him away.”
“You wouldn't be so mean to my friend, Andi!”
Andi laughed. “I might. I'll miss you Cory, see you in June!”                                     


The next summer Micah did come back with Cory.  And, sure enough, Micah was Andi 's first-and-only suitor.
Micah had such a way with words that when he did come to see Chad to ask permission to court Andi, Chad said, “Yes.”
At first Andi was furious but, it being Micah ,she went along with it. Presently she realized she was in love with Micah as he was with her. Soon after that they were engaged, and the wedding was set for the next summer after Micah graduated from college. It was decided  they would to live at the ranch and Micah would join Justin as a lawyer in town.
Chad smiled. “I'll still have my little sister around to tease!”
“And I'll have my big brother around to boss me!” Andi teased back.
Cory was the best man and Melinda was the maid of honor. Justin walked Andi down the aisle. After the wedding, Cory said. “I guess we know what you're 'Unknown' is.”
“Yes,” replied Andi “ So, what will yours be after you finish college?”
Cory smiled. “That's for me to know and you to find out!”


  1. That was a great story Jessica! I'm rather sorry that Cory and Andi didn't get together, but I think Micah and Andi will be happy together!

  2. Well written, Jesseca. So Andi got married before Malinda? And what about her brothers? Were any of them married? I wonder if Cory gave Andi a snake at her wedding. ;)

    1. Well, i guess the way it's written it is before Melinda. Her brothers? I guess it's just how you look at it. Chad defiantly wan't married and I didnt' write to much about Justin or Mitch so .....:)
      I actually had Micah giving her a snake as she walked to the alter, but took it out because it didn't flow well with the story.:)
      Then I thought of having Cory give her a snake but it still didn't go to well with the story so I didn't do it.

  3. Wow! This was one of the best fan stories. Jessica you should make one for Cory.

    1. I am already started on the 'other view' story where she marries Cory ;)

  4. I thank that's very good but I thank Andi relly loves Cory;)

  5. I love it!!!!!!

  6. good job Jesseca, it was great!
    can't wait to see what your "Cory" version is like!! :)

  7. I WANT IT ON PAPER!!!!!!
    It was one of the best story's I've ever read!!

    1. Well, if Jesseca had entered it in the contest instead of having me post it here as a Fan Story there is a chance it would be compiled into the Circle C Stories winning collection (well, if she won, of course).

      I could also put ALL of the fan stories in a book if you guys wanted and you could "buy" them. I know how to do that. :-)

    2. that would be cool to have a book with all the stories in it!

      Great job Jesseca!

    3. That would be fun!

    4. That would be sweet!!

  8. That was a great story! but i'd rather have Cory and Andi together.

  9. Awesome job Jesseca!!! I liked how Cory just went along with it, and even teased her about it, but didn't get mad or jealous :)

    1. I'm glad you all enjoyed it! I know some of you wanted Andi and Cory together so I am working on a different view where Andi and Cory get together.
      Y'all will have to tell me which version you like better!

    2. Before reading the other version, I would say that I liked this one better, where they're still friends, but not marriage partners. It would seem so weird if Cory and Andi got married!!!
      :) J loves U :)

    3. That's what I think,Leah!!
      But it's still fun to try different idea's :)

  10. How are you writing soo fast, Jesseca? You must have a lot of ideas :-).
    I still like the David and Melinda story best.
    I'm surprised no one has tried to marry Justin off.

    1. I am marrying Justin off, starting with the first new book. (Shhhhhh)

    2. If I could write as fast as Jessca, I'd have the entire new series written by now! LOL

    3. JUSTIN!!!! I bet Andi flips her top when she finds that out!

    4. Wow! I wonder who he marries!

  11. I liked it it was sweet :)

  12. I must admit I was secretly hoping for a twist in the tail that would land Andi and Cory together ;) But this is a wonderful story!

  13. Mrs. M,
    Do you have any more fan stories to post?

    1. Yes, but I've been so swamped I haven't had time to format them for Blogger yet. . . .

  14. Jessica, are you planning to do anymore stories about Andi when she is older?

    1. Yes,. I actually have 4 out of 5 parts written in a story where she is older. She' s not married yet in the story :) So, I'll let you guess the ending ;-)

  15. Neat ending, I really like it. I can't wait to read your story about Cory and Andi!

  16. That was a great story Jesseca! I cant wait to read your next story! I do think Andi should have married Cory or perhaps dated Micah for a while then she dates Cory and they get married, but its just a thought.


  17. Thanks every one! I am soooo glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Oh, by the way that was me, Jesseca. I commented using my blogger name.

    2. Wow! Your real name is Pacito Señorita Jess?!?!?!!! I never would have guessed! By the way, that's a cool name! Where are you from, Jesseca?

    3. No, My name is Jesseca. But for blogger my parents don't want my full name on the internet so that's my nicknane ;) I'm american. hehe!
      I live in Kansas.

  18. Mrs. M,
    I was going through old posts, and I came across Andi's and Chad's bios.
    1) who modeled Chad? It looks like a recent picture.
    2) Andi says that she did cut her hair off when she is little. She was tired of it getting in her way. Mrs. Carter was NOT happy!
    This might make a good fan story (hint, hint)

    1. Rmemeber, we were asking if Andi ever cut her hair off a couple posts ago. :-) I guess I answered my own question lol.
      P.S. Thanks for giving us young writers a chance to have our work published online. It's really encouraging!

    2. I thought you were asking if the "real" Andi (Jessica) had ever cut her hair. Oops. Cross purposes here. Which post is it? Send link. I'm too busy to do a search. As far as Chad is concerned, many have modeled . . . I may do a post on that. :-)

    3. Oh dear, now I can't find it! Oh well..... It would be fun to see a post about Chad's look a likes :-). I was looking at the Peek into our Ranch House post. Where did you get those neat pictures??? They're awesome!

    4. We took a tour of a Victorian-era fancy home in Hannibal, MO, (Mark Twain visited the people who lived there--some rich lumberman businessman), and I took a lot of pictures. The wall paper was even made with real gold!

    5. Wow! That's what you call fancy! Gold in the wall paper?!?! That kind of sounds wasteful.:-).

    6. You have no idea! It wasn't called The Gilded Age for nothing. The rich flaunted their wealth (well, probably not everybody), but most did. I asked why the curtains were too long for the windows and dragging on the floor, and the answer is . . . it told the guests how much money the owners had! Since nobody came right out and talked about it, the length of the curtains was a dead giveaway.
      Go figure!

    7. Wow! That's crazy!
      I finished the story today, Mrs. Marlow, so can you'll have to tell e what you think when you get a minute to read it :)

  19. I can't what for the other story were Andi and Cory get together, this story was great Jesseca!! :D


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