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The Secret Part 2 . . . by Roseanna

Part 2 of The Secret . . . coming your way!

Read part 1 HERE
Chapter 2

             "That was a close race, but I think you won," Andi said as she began brushing Taffy down. Chad was leading Sky into his stall.
            "Maybe, but it looked like a tie to me," he called over his shoulder.
            Five minutes later, they were both washed up and sitting at the table. Mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy, biscuits, and jam . . . Andi's favorite! 
Justin was still in town. Andi felt better after the race. Chad prayed, then they all dug into the food. Halfway through the meal, a knock sounded at the door. It was Sheriff Tate. He stepped inside and nodded to Chad.
             "Howdy, Chad. Hi, Mitch. I came to tell you the latest on last night's incident."
            "Well, don't keep us waiting! What's up?” Chad wanted to know.
            "Cory isn't in jail for now, but I might have to put him there, just to keep things calm. There's a good bit of excitement in town."
            "That's not good." Chad frowned. "Poor Andi's been awfully . . . Ow! What did you do that for?"
            Andi scowled at him. She reached out her foot to stomp his toes again, but he pulled his feet under his chair. A smile tugged at the corner of Sheriff Tate's mustache, and he said, "It's okay, Andi. Things will calm down once people realize how unreasonable this is." And with that, he tipped his hat and left. 


            Justin came home later than usual that evening. And he had news. "Well, on the way out of town, a fellow stopped me. He said he was a relative of Mr. Jones, and he knew something really important about this case. But he doesn't want it to be public knowledge. So, he wants me to come alone, unarmed. He's scared, poor fellow. He wants me to meet him in Al Jones' old shack outside town on Wednesday, day after tomorrow. I guess I'll go. He looks trustworthy, and I need to know whatever it is he has to say." Justin sat down and pulled his boots off. "Some folks in town are not very happy about the fact that Cory isn't in jail. Sheriff Tate might need to put him there, 'just for safekeeping', as he said.
            Andi turned down Mitch's offer for a game of checkers, even though she knew he was doing it to make her feel better. He didn't really like checkers, and she always beat him anyway. But she was too tired tonight. She undressed slowly and crawled in bed. "Oh, God," she prayed, "Please prove Cory innocent. Make everything turn out alright. Thank You. Amen." And with that, she fell asleep. 


             The next morning, Justin informed Andi that Mr. Foster was well, and there would be school today. She groaned.
            "Andi, could you buy me some thread at the mercantile after school? I need some if I want to finish my dress before this weekend," Melinda asked before Andi left for school. "I have the money here."
            "Alright. What color do you want?"
            The girls discussed the thread and Melinda's dress while Justin hitched Pal to the buggy.  "Andi, let's go!" Justin called.
Andi slipped the coins Melinda handed her in her pocket. "Bye, Mother! See you after school, Melinda!" she called, and stepped into the buggy. Justin slapped the reins, and they were off. 


            At school, everyone was talking about Cory, who had stayed home. Andi didn't blame him one bit. None of the other kids seemed to suspect him, either. The day dragged on for what seemed like forever to Andi. She wanted to see Cory. Finally, school was out. Andi went straight to the mercantile for the thread. She bought it, and then started on a run for Cory's house. 
She was in such a hurry, she didn't even give a second thought to taking a back-alley shortcut. But halfway through, she paused. She heard someone inside a doorway, talking in low tones. The door was cracked open. Andi listened.
            "I told him to come alone and unarmed, so he'll be easy. Afore he knows what’s happening, he's gonna be where he'll never be nobody's stinkin lawyer. Ever." He chuckled menacingly. Andi's eyes opened wide. They had to be talking about someone else. Not... "Better shut that door, Jake." A new voice broke in. "If someone hears us, our plans would all fail, and we'd be—" Before he could finish, a curse was followed by a muffled scream.
Andi was caught.


  1. I love it, Roseanna! I can't wait to find out what happens!

  2. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andi's always caught!!!!':-(

  3. I love it! you are a really good writer Roseanna. I can't wait till part three!

  4. Mrs.M, what was Johnny's fathers name?

    1. I know I'm not Mrs. M, but Johny's father's name is Mr. Charles Wilson, I think. I could be wrong :-).

    2. I might be Mrs. M, but you all are beginning to know the stories better than I! Audrey is right. It is Charles, and I had to go look it up in Price of Truth.

      Honestly, I used to know all my characters and plot lines SO WELL. But it's been a few years. I am completely reading all of the CCA books over again so that the new series keeps the same tone and so that I don't make any mistakes in people, setting, or anything like that. I am in the middle of San Francisco Smugglers. *pant pant*

      You people sure do keep me on my toes!!!!

  5. Wow Roseanna good story. I see you were able to get that part about Justin in:)

  6. Thank you Audrey!

  7. Wow!!! If I didn't know that you were writing it, I would think that it was written by Mrs. M :) I love it Roseanna, very captivating!!!
    Can't wait to read the next part :)

    1. The REAL scary part is that I have a "work in progress" from about 10 years ago that has a number of the exact same elements. Andi seeing something she shouldn't; Justin being threatened; Andi being forced to keep her mouth shut; and it's called The Terrible Secret. I might turn it into a short story sometime for my Tales from the Circle C collection, but then you'd all think I borrowed from Roseanna. Honest! I had the story first! LOL

    2. I would think it was written by Mrs, Marlow as well. It's a great story and I can't wait till tomorrow!

  8. Yep, it's always when she goes in the alley!!! I very much enjoy reading your stories Roseanna, so fascinating :)

  9. Are you back from your writing retreat, Susan?
    Sanfransisco Smugglers is soooo AWESOME! I have a sister we adopted from China, so I liked that there was a little Chinese girl in the story.

    1. I am back and my plate is overflowing. I'm working on the first book (revisions) as well as an editing project on my plate and the marketing questionnaire (for which I am grateful for your feedback and am telling my publisher I threw the titles out there for you guys to comment on), and a blog interview I have to write answers for. *pant, pant*

      I'm very happy with all the fan stories coming in so I have something to post!!

  10. I can't wait for the next part!!!
    I love this story!

  11. Great! Excited for next part.

  12. Spectacular story! I can't wait to see how events will unfold:)

  13. This is going to be good!

    Mrs. M? I drew up the lay out for Andi's house and ranch, but how do you want me to send them to you? Also feel free to change things... This is how I picture the house but your the expert...

    1. ask me that question in the Contact Box in the sidebar "Ask Andi your questions." I will reply to that, and they you'll have my email and you can scan your layout and attach it as a JPG picture. will that work?

  14. I distrusted that man Justin was talking about as soon as he mentioned coming unarmed. Interesting story so far, Roseanna. I'll be back to read the rest. :)

  15. I love this story... so suspenseful...can't wait for part 3!!!

  16. Boy, you are great Roseanna!! :D
    It is REALLY good!! :)
    can't wait for part 3. By the way, are there going to be 4 parts? or is there more? ;)

  17. There will be four parts. Thanks r all the comments

  18. By the way I Roseanna wrote that :)

  19. I love this story! Fantastic job, Roseanna!


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