Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Surprises! Part 5 . . . by Rebekah E.

She-who-lurks-and-does-not-comment-often is back with part 5. Hold on to your hats!

Part 5

Suddenly, Troy lunged at her as if to give her a punch, but Johnny slipped between her and Troy, making him stop and blink. Andi suddenly realized that Troy had left to get himself drunk, and then returned to do her harm in his boiling rage.
She quickly slipped off the rock, leaving Johnny to face her brother in law alone. She ran over to the campfire while T.J.’s back was turned and grabbed the knife they had used to cut into the rabbit and sawed at her ropes. Heavenly Father, give me time. Don’t let Troy kill him! She pleaded in silence while frantically trying to figure out how to rub the blade against her bonds when she couldn't even see them. 
Twice she dropped the knife and had to feel around for it. Then finally, first one, then another strand broke free, and she was soon free. She rubbed her wrists, getting blood rushing to her fingertips. Then without a moment’s hesitance, she brought the frying pan down on Troy’s head. There was a resounding thunk, and Troy slumped onto the ground unconscious.
Andi put her hand to her mouth, suddenly realizing what she had done. She quickly felt for his pulse and was relieved to feel one, faint but steady. Using the rope from around her wrists, she tied him up securely. Her experience with other robbers came in handy. She gave the strong knot one last pull with a satisfied grunt, and went to see what happened to Johnny.
She realized that he had changed, that his friendship towards her was genuine. The old Johnny Wilson, troublemaker of her town, would not have put his life in jeopardy for Miss Andrea Carter of the Circle C Ranch. She knew she most likely owed her life to him, so she knew she had to help him, old enmity forgotten.
She found Johnny lying on the ground, blood rushing from his nose, and a good-sized gash on his forehead. Andi went to work without losing any more time. Dragging him over to the fire, she speedily pulled out her handkerchief and pressed it over his nose to stop the bleeding. Johnny gave a slight groan, indicating that he was conscious, and Andi gave a quick sigh of relief. Dipping his bandana in some of the leftover water that had been being used for coffee, she laid it gently over his head wound. Johnny’s nose had stopped bleeding, and she removed the blood-soaked hankie, nearly fainting.
Don’t faint, she warned herself. Remember Mitch’s wound! She swallowed, her tongue wetted her dry lips, and she focused on keeping Johnny’s head from bleeding any more too.
A few minutes went by, although it seemed to Andi that hours went by, Johnny’s eyes fluttered open, and he faintly asked for water. Andi eagerly gave him some and waited impatiently for him to finish the drink and lean back with a grateful sigh. A grin cracked onto his face, and he gingerly felt his sore head.
“I’m very much obliged to you, Andi,” he said. “That could have ended badly for both of us. I owe my life to your quick thinking.”
Andi returned his grin good-naturedly. “Well, I had my plan of escape in mind for a long time. I just needed the opportunity, and you gave it to me. Besides,” she added, “I couldn’t have helped you if you hadn’t helped me first.”
Johnny laughed, and then winced, the action causing his head to hurt. “All the same, I’m very grateful to you for taking care of my head. I was planning on letting you go, you know, but the right time hadn’t come yet.”
Andi shrugged. “The Bible says to love your enemies, and do well to those who spitefully use you.”
A slight frown went over Johnny’s face. “Am I your enemy?” he asked.
Andi shook her head. “Not anymore. I think I believe you now, Johnny Wilson,” she said, putting out her hand.
Johnny shook it heartily, but then leaned back against a rock again, his eyes closing for a moment, as another wave of pain went through him. It soon passed, and he looked up at Andi, who was working on supper for the two of them. “I really am thankful for your friendship, Andi. And I’m very sorry about all the things I did to you in the past.”
Andi shrugged. “Let’s just forget about the mistakes you’ve made in your past, Johnny, and focus on your new future as a child of God,” she said with a warm smile. She handed him a plate of rabbit meat. “Right now, you need to get your strength back so you can bring me back to my family.”
They had dinner and kept two sets of wary eyes on Troy, who was now in a drunken slumber where Andi had tied him up.
“What are we going to do with him?” Johnny asked, jerking a thumb in Troy’s direction.
Andi thought for a moment. “I think we’ll have to bring him to Justin. Justin will know what to do. He always does.” She smiled, and a pang of homesickness swept over her at the thought of her oldest brother. She sat in silence for a moment and watched as Johnny’s head dropped lower and lower onto his chest as he fell into a deep sleep. Then she turned her gaze to the fire as it died down into coals. Before she realized it, she too fell into a deep sleep at the end of her exciting day.


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