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Old Friends and New Family Part 5 . . . by Jesseca

Part 5: the conclusion

When the service was over, and before the dancing began, Cory was one of the first to congratulate the new Mrs. Chad Carter. As he shook her hand, Andi saw him slip something into her pocket.
Chuckling to herself, Andi walked over and stood next to him. “Please don't tell me you slipped a snake into her dress pocket.”
Cory grinned. “That I did. If she's like you, like you said she was, she also needs a little gift on the important days of her life.”
“You are mean!” Andi exclaimed.
Presently, Andi saw Ellie touch her pocket while a surprised look came upon her face. Turning to Chad, she said, “Will, you excuse me a moment, dear? I have something I must do.”
“Of course.”
Ellie walked over to where Cory and Andi where standing. Reaching into her pocket, she took out the snake. “Mr. Blake, I believe this belongs to you.” Ellie's eyes twinkled. “It is a fine wedding present . But I’m sure it will be happier free, don't you agree?
“Cory smiled. “Yes, Mrs. Carter.”
“Oh, don't call me Mrs. Carter. Call me Ellie.“
Just then the fiddler struck up a lively tune and Chad walked over. Bowing, he asked, “Ellie, my dear, may I have this dance?”
“I would be delighted, Mr. Carter,” Ellie replied with a twinkle in her eye.
Chad turned to Cory. “Why don't you ask Andi for a dance? However reckless she may be, she still can dance wonderfully, and don't you think she looks rather attractive tonight?
Andi blushed. “Chad! How could you tease me so?”
Chad only grinned, then he and Ellie were gone in a twirl of dancers.
“They do make a fine couple,” Andi mused.
Cory grinned. “Yes, and so would we. May I have this dance, Andi?“
Andi sighed. “You know I can't stand dancing. But, alright, just this once.”
As they were dancing, Cory said. “You know, Andi, I've been thinking about asking your brothers something of great importance that concerns you. Which brother do you think I should ask?”
Andi laughed. “That would depend on the question. What are you going to ask them?”
“Well . . .” Cory stopped dancing and looked Andi in the face. “I would like to ask them permission to court you.”
Andi gasped and pulled back. “Surely you are teasing me!”
“Actually, no, I'm serious for once.”
Andi turned and took off running.
Mitch, who had  been watching the incident walked over. “What just happened between you two?”
Cory explained.
Mitch smiled. “Well, I can tell you that you have permission to court her.  Of course, that is only if it's alright with her. Stay here. I'll go after her.”
Mitch found Andi in the barn brushing Shasta's mane. While she wasn't sobbing, Mitch saw that her face was wet with tears.
“Cory told me what happened. And I gave him permission to court you if you agreed.”
“Oh, Mitch! How could you?”
“You don't want him to court you? I—”
“It's just so sudden. I'm barely seventeen!”
“Andi , tell me truthfully. Do you care for Cory?”
“W-w-well, yes, I do, but I hadn't admitted it even to myself yet.”
Mitch laughed. “That's what I suspected. Now, why don't you dry your eyes and go back inside. I believe I know a certain young man who is waiting for you to finish a dance.”
As she walked inside, Cory hurried over to her. “I'm sorry, Andi. I didn't mean to hurt you.  But may I court you? Mitch gave me permission, but it's ultimately up to you.”
Andi looked down. “Yes, you may.” Then she looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. “I believe, Richard, that we have a dance to finish.”
Cory smiled. “Most certainly, Andrea.”
One year later, Andi and Cory were out at a picnic down at the lake. When it was finished, they went for a ride in a rowboat. After talking for a while, Cory turned to Andi. “Can you take the oars for a minute? I've got to get something out of my pocket.”
Andi hesitated. “I've never rowed before. I might tip it.”
“You'll be alright. Just take the oars.”
Taking the oars, Andi laid them on her lap. As Cory pulled a small box out of his pocket, Andi heard a splash behind them. She stood up too quickly. 
The boat began to totter.
“Andi . . .“ Cory warned.
But it was too late. The boat tipped over, and Cory and  Andi splashed into the water.
  After swimming to shore, Andi said, “So, what was that you were getting from your pocket?”
Cory laughed. “Here.” He handed the box to her and she opened it. “Andi , will you marry me? I have your family's blessing. Please say yes.”
Andi laughed. “Most gentlemen propose with a ring, not a snake. But the answer is yes, I'll marry you.”
Cory looked shocked. “A snake? There was a ring in there. Not a snake!”
Andi took the snake out of the box. “Oh, here is the ring. It was under the snake. The snack must have slithered in the box when the boat tipped over. It's a beautiful ring.”
“Well, I guess our friendship started with a snake. And now our marriage will too.” Cory grinned.
They both laughed.

The End
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  1. oh! its wonderful Jesseca!! :D
    love how they both got dunked, good job!!! :)

  2. Loved it Jesseca!! :D
    Great story!!

  3. I got a good laugh out of this part, Jesseca! You must have enjoyed writing it. :) That snake at the end was a perfect touch. :D

  4. Jesseca, i loved that story i think Andi and Cory i mean Richard are perfect for each other!!!

  5. I love all the snakes in the story!

  6. Thay don't even have to Cort

    1. Well, back in the 1800s it was required that you court before marriage. No one just got married unless they ran off like Kate did and I don't think Mrs. Marlow would have particularly liked that :-)

  7. I loved it! My absolute favorite!!

  8. A wonderful story, I can see that ending happening...typical Andi, never without some mishap! Thank you :)

  9. Thank's everyone! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!
    I had a LOT of fun with this story!
    So, any suggestions of another story y'all would like to read about?? :)

  10. Mrs. M,
    Do you have more fan stories to post?

    1. Yep, a new one from a new "author." :-)

  11. That was great! The Andi and Cory situation was kind of cheasy...but I loved it at the same time! :)

    1. I know! It ended up sounding 'set up'
      If you (or anyone else) can write a better courtship between Cory and Andi, please do so! I would LOVE to read it!

  12. WOW!!!!!!!! that was absolutely amazing. I loved how you dunked them both.

  13. awesome story

    Rebekah R

  14. That's quite the story. Nice work Jesseca...

  15. hey Mrs. M, is it okay if my Contest Story is 3,720 words?
    I had a different ending that was only 3,583 words, but it didn't flow right. I like the longer one better. is that okay?

    1. What I want you to do, Megs, is print your story out, then read it aloud and try to cut out 200 words from someplace else. For instance, tighten some extra long sentences, get rid of unnecessary dialogue tags ("he said" "she said"), see if there are any places that are "wordy" and you can cut back on how you say something. In a file of 3,700 words, believe me . . . it is not hard to trim out 200 "extra" words. Keep the ending you like and try to cut back the word count in other places.

      Out of courtesy to the judges and fairness to the other contestants, I really need you to try your hardest to stick to the 3,500 word count (3,583 being fine).

      You can delete in chapter titles, or "parts" or anything like that and just use **** between chapters. Be creative and see if you can find 200 sneaky words sprinkled throughout that can be deleted. That is called revision. Long Ride Home was once 42,000 words and I had to cut it back to 37,000 words or so. I had to cut out about 5,000 words!!! You will be surprised how easy it actually is if you focus on trimming throughout.

      On the new Andi book, I'm already at 50,000 and my contract limits my word count to under 55,000. I want to stay around 50-52,000. I will have to go back once I finish revising what I have and find places to slash!!!

      YOU ARE NOT ALONE. :-)

    2. is 3,554 okay? thanks for the help! :)

  16. The snakes are the perfect touch: SO Cory!! :P
    Nice job, Jessica! :)

  17. That is good:)
    I'm might Mack it were I'm Lina and not Evelina cuz it's shorter wich do you guys like better??

  18. Nice job,Jessica!!!
    I like this on the best.:D

  19. That was great Jesseca!!! I like it that you had Chad and Ellie get married :) They seemed perfect for each other!!! It felt a little bit weird between Andi and Cory, but it seems like any way it's written that I can think of, it would still have a weird feeling...I don't know :) I think it's just the fact that I can't see them getting mushy...but yeah, I would love to read other versions also :-)

    1. I think any romance between Cory and Andi will always seem weird to us because we still view them as kids having fun together.

    2. Do not fear, oh loyal ones! Andi and Cory will NOT be getting together in the new series. They will just stay good friends forever and ever. :-)
      To quote Anne Shirley: "Good friends are always together in spirit." At least, I think that's what she told Gilbert, who SO wanted a different answer.

      I will not be telling you who Andi ends up being with at the very, very end, either. You will just have to wait and see. Hint: it is nobody you know so far.

      "Mushy" is not what I write . . . ever, so no fear on that score either. Courtship / marriage . . . sure . . . affection, mutual respect . . . but mushy? That makes me squirm. I am not a "romantic" in that sense of the term.

      But you can wonder and ponder as I marry off the siblings. He-he.

    3. If you've read the whole Anne of Green Gables series, you might remember that Anne married Gilbert and they had like seven kids lol. I'm glad Andi will not be marrying Cory; they go together well as friends, but not as a couple!

    4. I've seen the videos and they are like some of my favorites. Lucy Montgomery made it work. I could not. LOL
      I love Rainbow Valley, but some of the other books are just too wordy for me (the old fashioned style of writing). I prefer the DVDs. :-)

    5. I love the DVDs!!!! they`re one of my favorites! {Anne of Green Gables. the war one is the best.

  20. Anne is always wordy when she talks. :) And since some of the books are her "letters" perhaps that explains why.

    1. I am an absolute fan of Anne of Green Gables. Of course, Lucy Maud is kind of an "example" for me. You can guess what I mean by that. I'll have to let Mrs. Marlow know sometime!
      I love her writing. The descriptions are gorgeous! And her humour! Her romances are interesting. I think I like Anne of the Island best, but Rainbow Valley is great as well. The part where Joyce dies in Anne's House of Dreams is touching.
      And I love Rilla of Ingleside. I love the Canadian view of the First World War.
      I find the dvds just butcher the story! But then, I like to read the book, and then critique the dvd by that. I really don't like it when movies make the character go SO out of character. One Anne dvd does that with Mrs. Lynde, and it makes me so annoyed!!!!
      God bless!

  21. I LOVE those movies!!! The Anne of Green gables! Recently watched them!


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