Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Friends and New Family Part 3 . . . by Jesseca

And the plot thickens . . .

Part 3
The next couple days were quiet. Mitch, who got restless staying in bed, was happy to have Andi and Cory there to amuse him. Andi, who soon got bored of staying indoors, tried to coax Cory to come outside with her.
At first he refused. “Andi ,we don't know where those men are. They could be hiding around close to the town. I am responsible for you as well as Mitch, and I don't want to take any chances.”
Andi snorted. “YOU responsible for me? I don't think so! And Mitch is perfectly able to take care of himself for a hour or two. Aren't you, Mitch?”
Mitch, who had been a silent observer of the argument, grinned. “You better go with her, Cory. Nothing stops my sister when her mind is made up.”
Cory groaned. “That's what I was afraid of. Okay, we'll go, but only for an hour.”
As  the door closed behind her, Andi took a deep breath of the fresh air. Turning to Cory, she grinned. “Don't tell me you're not glad to get out of that stuffy room for a while.”
Cory smiled. “That I can't deny. So, where are we going?”
“Oh, I don't know. We could just walk around the town.” Just then, Andi looked across the street. “Cory, is that Chad?”
Cory turned to where she was pointing. “It sure looks like him, but I can't tell for sure because his face is turned away from us.”
Andi started across the street. “I'm going to see who it is.”
Just as she reached the boardwalk on the other side of the street, Cory yelled, “Andi, look!”
Andi turned to where he was pointing.
A mounted procession was making its way into the town. The sheriff came first, while behind him rode five men on horseback with handcuffs around their wrists.
“It looks like they caught the rustlers. I wonder where the cattle are.”
“They're probably outside town a little ways and bedding down for the night. Some of the ranch hands are most likely with them,” Cory replied.
Just then Andi spotted Chad and Justin waving at them. “Look, there they are. I guess that man wasn't Chad after all.” Andi turned around to look at the man she thought was Chad. As she turned around she turned into someone and, caught off balance, she fell.
“Are you alright, miss?”
Andi looked up. The man she had thought was Chad was standing over her reaching out a hand to help her stand.
“Thank you,” Andi said getting to her feet.
Cory ran over. “Are you alright, Andi? How did you fall over?”
“That was my fault,” the man said. “I was walking past and she turned so quickly that I ran into her.”
“I'm sorry. I turned around because I thought you were my brother, Chad, but when I saw him riding in with the sheriff I turned around to see who you were.”
“I'm Jem.” He turned to the lady standing next to him, whom Andi hadn't noticed before. “And this is my sister Ellie.”



  1. JEM! ELLIE! what a fun idea!!!! Good work Jesseca... I can't wait to see how this story goes.

  2. Ooooo! Goldtown characters!! :D
    love it! :)

  3. Goodness!!! Can this story get any crazier?!?
    Mrs. M,
    I was curious if Jessica (the model Andi) has any kids.
    If this would be giving out too much personal information you don't have to answer me :-).

    1. No, she was just married last March and they are not quite ready to start a family yet. :-)

    2. Yes, it could get crazier! ;) (and it will!)

  4. Clever idea to bring in Goldtown characters!

  5. I like the new twist. :) You must have had fun writing this story.

  6. Wow, Jesseca you surprise me every time, just when i thought the story could not get anymore exciting but it always does!!! Lol
    bet i really like the way you right;D
    is this story the other version you were talking about? If you want to keep it a surprise,then you don't have to answer me?

  7. "Good job on this one, Megs. I think your story is bound to be interesting with Liz and Randy. :) Is there going to be any other main characters?"

    Rebekah, you asked this question yesterday. in answer to it, Yes! I am planning to add some more main characters. :)
    I just have to think them up... ;)


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