Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Friends and New Family Part 2 . . . by Jesseca

Here we go . . . part 2 coming your way!

Part 2

Andi sat up and rubbed her eyes.
Justin grinned down at her. “You must have been tired. You fell asleep as soon as the stagecoach started moving.”
Andi grinned sheepishly.  “Well, it's not every day I get up at 5:30am to get ready to go with you to Bakersfield! How much further till we get there?”
Cory, sitting with the other men from town on the opposite bench laughed. “You've slept most of the way. We'll be there in about 30 min.”
Andi grinned. “I should sleep on all the trips we take. Otherwise they are too long.”
Soon they arrived in Bakersfield. Justin and Andi immediately went to the doctor's office while the men went to the sheriff's office.
Andi turned to Justin. “Can Cory come along? “
Justin turned to Cory. “It's up to him. Do you want to come along? You can wait in the office until Andi and I see him then you’re welcome to see him also.”
Cory shrugged. “Sure, I'll come along.”
“Justin, Andi, over here!”
Andi turned toward the voice. “Chad! Justin, there's, Chad!” She hurried across the street. Chad picked her up and swung her around.
“Chad put me down! I'm almost seventeen!” Andi laughed.
Chad put her down. “Now, how were you able to talk your way into coming along?”
Before Andi could answer, Justin hurried across the street followed by Cory. “We came as soon as we could. How's Mitch?”
“He's doing better. Follow me and you can see him.”
Upon entering the doctor's office, Chad turned. “You wait here while I see if he's awake.”
When Chad entered the room, Andi heard him talking in a low voice. Then heard Mitch's voice answering.
“You can come in.”
Suddenly, Andi hung back.
“What's wrong, Andi ?” asked Justin.
“What if he's hurt really bad? Maybe you should see him first, Justin.”
Justin gave her a hug. “He'll be alright,  Andi. But, if you want me too, I'll go first.”
As Justin entered the room, Andi sat down in a chair next to Cory.
“Andi, remember a couple years ago when Mitch got shot and it was just Jenny you and I were the only ones with him?” Cory said.
Andi nodded.
“Well, if Mitch got better then, he'll get better now. But until he's well, he needs you to be strong for him. Alright?”
Andi smiled. “You're right. I think I'll see him now.”
The door to the room was halfway open. Andi knocked softly.
Mitch turned and grinned. “So, you finally decided to see me. Now, I want to hear all about how my little sister was able to come along. I know Mother would have had a protest. So, I want to know how you were able to reverse the answer.”
Andi grinned and entered the room. “It's quite easy when I have a smooth-talking lawyer on my side, as Chad calls Justin. Besides, I said I'd stay here with you while Chad and Justin go to pursue the cattle rustlers. Cory agreed to stay with us also, so we'll have plenty of company. By the way, you don't look so bad.”
“Well you haven't seen my leg. Both of them actually. They both got shot pretty bad.”
Just then one of the sheriff’s deputies ran in the room. “We've just got another report of cattle being stolen. We've gotten up a posse and we're ready to go after the rustlers. Are either of you coming?”
Both Chad and Justin jumped up. “We're on our way,” Chad exclaimed.
“We'll see you and Cory later,” said Justin, and they both were gone.



  1. This keeps getting more and more exciting! Cory is staying behind with Andi, I think I know where this story is going ;-).

  2. ohh, poor Mitch!
    hope they catch them rustlers! ;)
    again, good job Jesseca! :)

  3. I no Audey I thank I no wer it is to:-)

  4. Always keeping us in suspense! Great story :)

  5. I liked this second part. So, Jesseca, how many fan stories have you written? (Posted ones and ones waiting to be posted.) They've been fun.

    1. I have written 6 fan stories. 3 of them had one part, 1 of them had three parts, 1 had 6 parts and this one has 5 parts. :)

  6. Alicia~
    My mom has an email that she sometimes lets me use. She does not check it often but if you give me your email then here is my mom's email:...

    See your comment on my blog. :-) I don't want her email out in the open. I'm sure you get it. Not that I don't trust any of you. :-) Jesseca, I will read your fan stories later but I'm in a rush. Sorry

  7. Shelby~
    See your comment on my blog.

  8. I think its an awesome story. cant wait till part 3

    1. Kaetlyn, you are back "on line." Hurrah!
      (Enter granddaughter who is "Ellie" in Goldtown.) Nice to see you commenting!

  9. Cool, I think I know where this is going!!!

  10. Thank's everyone! I think y'all may be surprised when you see where this story is going ;)


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