Saturday, October 19, 2013

Old Friends and New Family Part 1 . . . by Jesseca

If I could write stories as fast as you readers can churn them out, the new series would be totally finished in a few months! LOL  Here us a new 5-part story from Jesseca.

Part 1

Andi plunked down on her bed and stared out the window. The raindrops made pretty designs as they trickled down the windowpane. Andi sighed. Sitting down at her desk she looked at the pile of homework in front of her.
What a way to spoil a perfect Saturday, Andi thought to herself. But still, homework is better than sitting in the parlor with Melinda, listening to her go on and on about her suitors and teasing me about when I'll have one.
Starting on her homework with renewed vigor, Andi was soon finished. 
Pushing the chair away from the desk, she gave a sigh of relief. “If graduating means all these tests and finals I wish I could stay in school forever!”
Andi muttered. But, at least Mr. Foster was going to be gone all next week, which would mean no school...and no homework. When Cory, who had graduated last year told her she wouldn't have time for anything else but studying, Andi hadn't believed him. “I guess you were right after all, Cory.” Andi laughed to herself. Of course, when was Cory ever wrong?
Just then, Andi heard a knock on the downstairs door.
Who would be out in such weather? Andi thought, hurrying down the stairs.
Entering the parlor, she saw mother reading a single slip of paper.
“Who was that, Mother?”
“That was Jesse. You know, the assistant telegraph operator. He's brought me a telegram from Chad.”
Chad and Mitch, along with some of the ranch hands were on a cattle drive, taking the cattle from the ranch to the market in Los Angeles.
“What's wrong, Mother?” Andi asked, anxiously scanning her mother's worried face.
Mother handed her the telegram. “Here, read it.”

Over half of heard stolen by cattle rustlers Stop Mitch badly wounded stop Being treated by doctor in Bakersfield. Stop. We will be here for a while Stop

Andi gasped. “Oh Mother! What are we going to do?”
“Well, we'll wait until Justin gets home. Then we'll decide.”

At the supper table, Mother and Justin discussed what to do.
“We need to get going after those cattle rustlers. I'd also like to make sure Mitch is alright. I think I'll go down to Bakersfield with a couple of men. That way I'll be able to check on Mitch and get the details from Chad,” Justin said. “Then we can get going after the rustlers.”
Mother agreed. ”That sounds like the best plan. When will you leave?”
“First thing tomorrow morning. If it wasn’t so urgent I would wait till Monday, but every minute counts.”
“Can I come along?” Andi asked.
“No!” exclaimed Justin Mother and Melinda at the same time.
“Why not?”  Andi protested. “There's no school all next week so I wouldn't be missing anything.”
“Andrea, it's not safe. Who knows what you would danger you'd run into.”
“But I don't have to go after the rustlers. I can stay with Mitch. If he's wounded bad, as Chad said he was, I'm sure it would help for me to stay with him. Otherwise he'd be alone, since Chad will be off chasing the rustlers. Besides, Mother, I know what to expect. I've been on a cattle drive before,”Andi explained.
“Well, what do you think, Justin?” Mother asked.
Andi turned pleading eyes to her brother.
“You be ready by 6:30am tomorrow morning or you'll stay behind,” Justin said with a smile.
Andi jumped up and threw her arms around her brother! “Thank You, Justin! I'll be ready!”



  1. Oh boy, this sounds exciting!
    I thought that we could put the name of our favorite Circle C character at the end of our comment today.

  2. Exciting, can't wait for the next part!!!!
    Great idea Audrey French!
    Chad and Mitch and Cory
    It's is hard for me to chose so I just put them all. Lol

  3. Sounds like another interesting start to another fun story, Jesseca!
    I think I'd have to pick Justin.

  4. I am having a lot of fun with this character description thing!
    If its okay with Mrs. M, I'll probably post it in the comments as soon as I finish it lol.

    1. you bet, Audrey! All character sketches welcome.
      My favorite character (besides Andi) is Justin.

    2. hehe I like how you put down your favorite charter, Mrs. M:)

  5. Jesseca, I think this one is your best so far...
    I like Mitch, Chad, Justin, and Levi...:P lol I can't decide which I like most.

  6. Hi Jesseca,
    Can't wait to see how it ends.......;)
    Andrea, Virginia, Justin

  7. Great start Jesseca! Wow, you are one fast writer, but that's good, because I like your stories. :)

    Mrs. M, here is a character sketch I wrote yesterday, what do you think? :)

    Elizabeth Anne Roberts:
    “Liz” isn’t the kind of girl that causes heads to turn, but is special in her own way. Her long, thick, wavy brown hair is her one beauty, she keeps it pulled back in a braid, occasionally letting it down for special events. She has smooth, tanned skin, and lots of freckles.
    She is an adventurous sort, and at 5ft 7in, many of her friends look up to her. She can outrun most of the boys in her neighborhood, and is strong enough to pick up a 150lb bale of hay.
    In her big hazel eyes, you can see a friendly, loyal, and determined girl of 16,
    and also the Love of Jesus Christ, whom she asked into her heart 10 years ago.
    And tries to follow Him faithfully.
    Her downfalls however, are that she is quick-tempered, and is somewhat impulsive.
    She’d rather stop an argument with kind words instead of violence, but has found that to be a little harder than she thought.

    I hope you girls will be posting some Character Sketches too! :D

    Rosa, Cory, Mitch, Chad... I'm with you Faith, can't figure out which one I like best either! :)

    1. I liked your Character Sketch, Megs! "Liz" sounds like an interesting girl. Are you going to write a story about her?

    2. Thanks Rebekah!
      Yep, I'm planning writing one. :)

    3. Indeed, this is a charming and well-written sketch. I sense a story coming on! :-)

    4. glad you like it, Mrs. M! :)
      here is another one I just finished;

      William Randolph Boone:
      Randy isn’t what you would call handsome, but his kind face and soft brown eyes would soon win you over. His dirty blond hair is rather wild, even when kept on the short side. But he tries his best to keep it combed off to the side for church.
      It surprises most people that he is only 17, because he is such a diligent, and responsible, young man. And being tall, at 5ft 9in, he is strong and agile.
      His good traits are that he is bold, forgiving, and also adventurous. He has extraordinarily long eye lashes, and has a beautiful smile.
      he also has a deep trust in his Lord and Savior, and tries to follow Him diligently and faithfully
      His downfall is that when he tries to do the right thing, somehow it doesn’t always turn out right. And he also has a tendency to be sarcastic.
      He is also good friends with Liz Roberts.


      he will also be in my story... :)

    5. Good job on this one, Megs. I think your story is bound to be interesting with Liz and Randy. :) Is there going to be any other main characters?

  8. Good story . I have to say my favorite is Chad or Mitch:)

  9. great story
    your a fast writer
    my favorite is Mitch or Justin (besides Andi)
    Rebekah R

  10. Great job Jesseca!:D
    I like it!

    My favorite character is Cory. :)

  11. Sounds like a good story so far. Here's my favorite order, Mitch, Andi, Justin, Rosa, Chad, Cory.... I'll start with that :) lol

  12. Awesome story. My favorites are Mitch, Chad, and Melinda

  13. Great job. Can't wait for the next one to come out.
    My favorite besides Andi is probably Betsy

  14. great job Jesseca!

    My favorites are Andi and Riley!

  15. OK this may not work but the best chariter is the Auther so miss marlow you are the best:-)

    1. why, Evelina, that works just fine! :-)
      I am home now!

  16. I love it Jesseca! Great job! :)

    I have three favorite characters: Cory, Chad, and Mitch.


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