Saturday, September 21, 2013

There's Always a Motive Part 2 . . . by Calamity Rene

Part 2 of Calamity's story . . .

           Dinner that night was good. After all, we were having chicken and mashed potatoes. What wasn’t good about that? During the entire meal, Melinda kept batting her eyelashes at Donovan Reagan, who returned her look with a pleasant smile.

            Donovan’s voice was a pleasure to listen to; his deep, southern drawl was so fascinating. He had such elegant speech it was no wonder Melinda was head over heels in love with him. But . . . something didn’t seem right. Donovan was almost too nice.

            I wouldn’t have thought much about it if it weren’t for the fact that Chad regarded him suspiciously. Every other look from Chad was one of raised eyebrows or studying eyes, and I didn’t like it. Chad never did like Melinda’s suitors, but he’d never quite acted like this.

            Justin and Donovan chatted all through dinner, talking about politics and the like. Mother listened politely, adding her thoughts every now and then. Justin seemed fine with Donovan, as did Mitch. But I don’t think Mitch was paying too much attention to him; he was paying much more attention to the food on his plate.

            Only Chad acted strange, and I made a mental note to ask him about it later.

            “So, Andrea, how is that golden horse of yours doing?” Donovan asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

            “Fine. She’s the fastest horse in town,” I answered proudly.

            “So I hear.” Donovan chuckled. “Especially after your little escapade through town where you nearly ran over your teacher.”

            I squirmed in my seat, embarrassed he’d brought that up. That had nearly been a year ago; I was much more mature now!

            After dinner I managed to corral Chad long enough to ask him what was bothering him about Donovan.

            “I dunno, sis. I don’t think he’s here for Melinda,” Chad muttered.

            “What on earth could he be here for then?” I demanded.

            “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” Chad assured me. He tugged on one of my braids. “Now, stop worrying your head about it and start worrying about some chores I know you ‘forgot’ to do.”

            I crinkled my nose and made a face, and Chad laughed. “Can’t I do the chores tomorrow?” I pleaded.

Chad shook his head. “Get on it with, girl!” He playfully spanked me as I made my way to the door, and I stuck my tongue out.

But even the thought of picking up dirty manure couldn’t cloud out what Chad had said to me: “I don’t know but I’m going to find out.” What could Donovan Reagan possibly want from us? And why would he use the guise of courting Melinda to get it? I decided right then and there that I should help Chad get to the bottom of this too. I didn’t want Melinda to get hurt again by another man that used her.


  1. I can think of several things he might be after. Good story so far! :)

  2. Great story! can't wait till part 3!

  3. Great story! I like the mystery puzzle. Can't wait for the next one! :)

  4. Ooo! I like it!
    can't wait for part 3! :)

  5. Mitch was more interested on the food on his plate. My favorite line so far :-). I wonder what Donovan is up to. Chad suspicion is enough proof for me!

  6. so i;m trying to figure out about how many words to make in each of my chapters. So Mrs. Marlow i know we have a word limit but how many words on average are in each of your chapters, and how many words about are in a whole Circle C Adventures book. Just trying to get an idea.


    1. The word limit for your age group is, as you know, 3,500 words. That is about 2 regular-sized chapters in a normal CCA novel.A CCA novel is about 40,000 words. The short-story contest is just that: a SHORT story, kind of like the fan stories here on Andi's blog. Some short stories don't even have chapters.

      The story Calamity Rene is writing here on the blog is 4 "chapters" with a total of 2,300 words. After all parts of her story are posted, you can get an idea of how long a "short" story is.

    2. Well, i'm only 13. so my word limit would be less! But yea, that's what i wanted to know!

  7. Ira-Grace, I am writing a fan story, and was wondering how old Miriam and Naomi were? (from your fan story)
    and would it be okay if I used them and maybe the rest of the Davis family in my story?
    Thanks! :)

    1. Sure you can use them! I might write another short story about Andi and Retta sometime.
      Miriam is probably around twenty, Naomi around eighteen (seventeen going on eighteen? That sounds a bit like the Sound of Music with Leisel and Ralph!).
      I'm glad you like them (I"m guessing you do if you want to use them!)!!!
      Everyone seems to be doing fan stories now!
      God bless!
      John 3:16

    2. Thanks Ira-Grace!
      That's funny, seventeen going on eighteen...! :D
      So, what do you think, would it be weird if Chad and her liked each other?
      (for my story) :P
      Thanks again! :)
      I like John 3:16 too!
      Psalm 37:4-6

    3. Opps. I mean, would it be weird if Chad and Miriam liked each other.?
      sorry about the goofup!

  8. Great story Calamity Rene!!! You are a fantastic writer!
    This story keeps you on your toes:)

  9. I like the story!
    Great job!

    1. Ira-Grace, did you see my question above? :)

  10. Great story can't wait for next one.
    How old was Andi when she first rode Taffy?

    1. Andi was eight and a half, and Taffy was two and a half. Yeah, both are kind of young, but after all, it's the old West, and Chad is the trainer. Couldn't have a better combination than that! Oooh, that would make a great story!

  11. hey Mrs Marlow i was wondering if Virginia has an older Brother? I would look but i have my books lent out. thanks:)

    1. No, it is just her older sister Grace (Melinda's age) and Virginia.

  12. Thanks again girls for the comments. I'm glad you're all enjoying it so far! :D A writer's greatest thrill (as all of you know!) is when people enjoy their story. So thank you! :D

    -Calamity Rene


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