Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Felicity's Return . . . by Jesseca

Jesseca brings Felicity to town in this short story (800 words), with a surprise twist. I was expecting things to go a different way! Thanks for another view, Jesseca.

Wow! It had been awhile since I saw Felicity, and can you believe it? I saw her in town! It was Friday and school was over for the day. I was looking forward to a weekend riding Taffy. I was walking around town waiting for Justin to finish up at his office so we could go home, when I saw a girl who looked familiar walk out of the mercantile with Johnny.

I walked a little closer to see who it was. When I got close enough to see who it was, I gasped. What in the world was Felicity doing here, in Fresno?  And what was she doing with Johnny Wilson?

Rosa turned to look where I had pointed. We wondered over. “Hi, Johnny,” I greeted, thinking it best not to say anything to Felicity on account of how we had parted.

Johnny turned. “Hi Andi. Hi Rosa,” he said, then he turned toward Felicity. “This is Felicity. She and her father are here on business. And my father thought I should show her around town.  Felicity, this is Andi Carter and her friend Rosa. I'm sure they would love to finish showing you around town.” With that, he took off running down the boardwalk. Great. Just swell. Thanks a lot, Johnny!

I turned to Felicity, but before I could say anything, Felicity said, “Hello Andrea Carter and . . . Rosa. It's so good to see you again. I am dearly sorry for how treated you when you were at our house.  It was mean and selfish of  me to do what I did just because I wanted a horse. Will you forgive me?”

I looked at Felicity. She sure seemed as though she was being sincere, but still . . . How could I forgive her for all she had done to Taffy and me last summer?

Rosa came to my rescue. “Would you like us to show you around Fresno?” she asked.

Felicity's eyes lit up. "Oh, would you? I don't know anyone here but Johnny, and he certainly didn't like being bothered with me.”

“Of course we will," Rosa said, linking arms with Felicity.

I expected Felicity to pull away and say something about not being friends with a servant girl, but to my surprise she smiled at Rosa and seemed to genuinely enjoy her company.

Rosa showed Felicity all around Fresno, all the while talking as though they were the best of friends.  I decided to go back to Justin's office and sit in the lobby until he was ready to go home. I wasn't sure if I could forgive Felicity. She seemed changed, but she had kidnapped me and whipped my beloved Taffy. 

Just then Justin walked out of his office. “Ready to go home, little sister?” he asked. “Where's Rosa?”

I sighed. “Rosa is showing Felicity around town.”

            “Felicity? Felicity Livingston? Isn't she the girl who whipped Taffy and kidnapped you when you ran away?”

I nodded. Then I told him what had happened. “I just don't know whether I should trust or even forgive Felicity,” I said.

Justin sat down next to me.  “It's not easy to forgive, Andi. But that's what the Bible says we should do. And you should remember that you also needed forgiveness when you ran away. God has forgiven you, and now you need to forgive others. As for 

trusting her . . .” He shrugged. “If she's really changed she will be able to prove that you can trust her by how she acts—her kindness toward you and others.”

I took a deep breath. “You’re right, Justin. I need to forgive her even though it's hard to do."

“Well, what do you say we go and find Rosa and get on home?” Justin asked me.

I smiled. “Okay.”

Justin got the buggy and we drove around town looking for Felicity and Rosa. We found them in front of the school.

“It's time to go home, Rosa,” Justin said.

Rosa smiled. “Okay. The school was the last place to show Felicity anyway.”

I got out of the buggy and walked over to Felicity. “I forgive you, Felicity, and I hope we can be friends. Would you like to come out to our ranch tomorrow? You could rent a horse from the livery stable and spend the day.”

Felicity smiled. “Thank you, Andi. I hope we can be friends too. And I would love spending the day at your ranch, if it would be okay with your family.”

“It will be fine,” I assured her.

The next day Felicity came over and we had great fun! We rode all day, and I could see that Felicity really was different. When it came time for her to leave we promised to write each other. I can't wait to see Felicity again. Perhaps we will even have an adventure together someday!


  1. That was a great story Jesseca! I actually have a story started about Felicity too! I've been busy writing papers for school though, so I haven't had time to finish it :(

  2. Great story. Felicity nice that is a little surprising. But people can change I guess.
    Mrs. Marlow what is the name of the doctor in Fresno when Andi was Eight and a half.

    1. Dr. Jonathan (John) Weaver, another character named after somebody I knew at church. A teen, actually. :-)

      My doctor character has been the doctor there since Fresno was founded in 1872. Before that, he lived in Millerton. But all those folks moved to Fresno because Millerton kept flooding them out every year, since Millerton was on the banks of the San Joaquin River. (and that last part is true!)

  3. I like how Felicity was changed into someone nice to be around. Maybe when Johnny Wilson comes back from his military school he could be nice too? Just an idea, for your next set of book you promised! :P

    1. I do have Johnny coming back--at least a brief mention--in the second book. I sure won't tell you whether he's "naughty or nice" though! :-)

  4. I really liked how you wrote this story, Jesseca, and had Felicity change. I also enjoyed the part where Justin is talking to Andi about how she needs to forgive as she had been forgiven. Very well done!

  5. Awesome story! Loved how you included the importance of forgiving. Really enjoyed it!

  6. good job Jesseca! I liked it!
    Are you the same Jesseca that is maybe writing a story about Mitch?

    1. Yep! I sent in part 1 today.
      How are you doing in your story about Chad?

    2. I'm doing' pretty good. (I think.) ;)
      that's funny, I'm finished with part 1 in my Chad story, and am working on part 2! :D
      I'll probably send in part 1 tomorrow.
      Hey, is "she" anyone we know? ;)

    3. Nope! It's a new character. :-)
      Is the one you're working on anyone we know?

    4. yes, she is. (if you've read Ira-Grace's Fan Story) :-D
      actually, my story is a bit different than I expected when I first started writing it... but I'm not giving any hints! ;-)

  7. I like how Justin referenced the Bible... Good story!

    1. Me too!
      GREAT STORY!!!!
      Keep writing (or scribbling, as I call my little, half finished stories!)!!!!
      John 3:16

  8. Very interesting, nicely written! Will Felicity return in the new series?

    1. Not in the first book (it is already written), but hey . . . who knows? If I can squeeze her in and make it look natural, I'll surely bring her back in one of the sequels. I shall have to brainstorm scenarios. . .

  9. I sent you part 1 of a fan story I am writing Mrs. Marlow. Did you get it?

  10. I sent you part 2 of my fan story Mrs. Marlow!


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