Monday, September 30, 2013

Chad in Love? . . . by Eve

Here is a short anecdote by Eve, with a new Carter taking the "plunge"!
Note: I am off on a writer's retreat most of this week, and it is truly "off the grid." I will schedule another fan story to 'see you through' until I get back, but that's all I have for now. The next fan story after this is 3 parts.

           Who would think Chad would find a girl? Well it’s true.
One day, Chad was in town and I was with him. We were picking up an order of grain. I had accidentally left the grain bag open back at home, and some animals had gotten in and eaten up most of the grain.
Chad was in a bad mood and was scolding me about my leaving the grain bag open. Suddenly, he stopped talking. Now, that is weird for Chad to stop scolding . . . especially me. I asked him. ''Are you okay?"
“Uh-huh," was his reply.
I followed his gaze and saw he was looking at a—would you believe it—a young lady about nineteen or twenty. Suddenly, a group of kids came yelling and shouting down the street. The lady was holding the reins of a gorgeous brown horse.
The horse reared. Thankfully ,the lady was not on the horse, but standing by its side. Chad, with me close behind, ran over to see if she was okay.
When we got there, Chad asked, "Are you okay?"
"Oh, yes, I'm fine. Those kids just spooked Lightening Bug," was the cheery reply. "Oh ,I am Lydia Walsh and this”—she said,  motioning to  a young man coming towards us—"is my brother Andrew. We are in town for the fair that’s going on”
"Howdy," Andrew said.
Than Chad spoke up. "Hi. I am Chad Carter, and this is my little sister Andrea, but she prefers being called Andi."
Andrew turned to Lydia and said, "You can sign up for the cattle penning event in the drugstore."
Lydia turned to me and said, "Andi, do you want to work with me in the cattle penning?"
I looked at Chad and he nodded ‘yes.’ Mother had said I could enter if Chad said I could. "I would be happy to," I said.
We practised out at our ranch, and Lydia was a great horseback rider.
The day of the fair came, and we won first prize. Cory Blake and Jack Goodwin came in second.
After more visits, Chad started courting Lydia, and two years later they were married.



  1. Nice Jod Eve:-)

  2. Loved it:)
    I was wondering when someone would do a story about Chad.
    Great job Eve!

  3. That's a really fun story! Good Job Eve!

  4. Great story! I think Andi is lucky that she doesn't have to help with the hard farm work! Or train her own horse! I wish I was that lucky! We do a lot of hay every summer on our farm, and we unload it by hand. I'm not sure what the average bale weighs, but I know they are heavy! At least 50-60 pounds. Some weigh a lot more. And I know a lot more about horses than anyone else in my family, so it falls to me to train my horse. Any tips? At times, when I am trying to work with her, she decides not to come with me. She doesn't pull back or anything, just stands still. And I can't do a thing about it! She is a big horse, and I'm only 13. Anyway, I may not win with her all the time, but I won't let her disobey and get away with it. Of course I would never whip her. But I can usually do something. Like the other day, she was being stubborn, and I just wrapped the lead rope around the post, and put some tension on it. After a while, she got tired of that, and took a step forward. I pulled in the rope further. And so it went until I had her tied nicely where I could at least brush her and saddle her, etc. But I don't always know what to do next...

    1. Hi Roseanna,
      Sometimes bumping their rump with the lead rope works.
      They don't like it much so they move away from what's "bothering them". :)

  5. Ok, I'll try it! Thanks. I am writing a short story. May I just send it in for you to read and then post it if you want, Mrs. M?

    1. sure. YOu can send it by using the form on the sidebar if you want. :-)

  6. I just finished reading, Family Secret! I started this afternoon and finished just now. WOW, Mrs. M! Your an awesome writer. I could not put the book down. I just love the personalities you gave Kate and here kids, and even T.J. I really want T.J to get saved, maybe spend some jail time, then come back and make a wonderful home for Kate and the kids. hehe. Thanks so much for writing the books Mrs. Marlow. They are super!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Faith! That was a very interesting book to write. I've often wondered how I could do a "troy returns" without it being silly (like he repents, gets saved, and all that. sometimes it sounds contrived, and I want my stories feel "real." but yes, I'd love for Troy to get his act together and be a good husband and father.)

    2. Yeah, it might be too much of a change. But I would like to see things turn out right. Maybe he could become the old T.J again. Say I think I'll write a fan story about T.J coming back. I'm to busy now, but may some time around Christmas or something. :)


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