Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Wild Day Part 2 . . . by Rishona

Part 2 of Rishona's quick story . . .

There stood Aunt Rebecca. Mother, who was just as surprised as I was, said, “Why, Rebecca, how nice of you to come by.”
Aunt Rebecca turned to Mitch.  “Chew with your mouth shut, Mitch.” Then she looked at Mother. “Well, I thought it would be fun for us all to be here together. No need to thank me.”
Now it was my turn to gasp. I shut my mouth quickly, though, unlike Mitch. Just then I thought about my overalls. BIG OOPS.
As if Aunt Rebecca could read my thoughts she turned to me and said, “Andrea, go and put on something reasonable.”
I sighed and looked at Melinda, who had been fairly quiet during this whole thing. She actually gave me a sympathetic look. I figure she was probably practicing all her different looks for whoever her next suitor would be.
Once in my room, I changed into a green dress that wasn’t too fancy. By the time I finished changing I went downstairs and I found—no, scratch that—HEARD everyone in the parlor. I hadn’t had much time to eat so I was still very hungry. For the second time since I woke up, I pinched myself. I had kind of hoped that I was dreaming, but my hope was in vain. “Ouch!”
Just then, Aunt Rebecca walked out of the parlor. “Is that you, Andrea?”
I walked over to her. “Yes, Aunt Rebecca,” I answered, rubbing my arm where I had pinched myself. Just then my stomach rumbled.
“My goodness, child, did you not eat enough?”
I didn’t say anything.
Just then one of the ranch hands burst in with another person, who I didn’t recognize. This strange person went straight to Aunt Rebecca. “Ma’am, Mrs. Walker sent me. She needs you quickly. She thinks her baby is coming soon. She sent me for you a little after you had already left. I traveled all night!”
Aunt Rebecca left within the next hour. So it was just Kate and the kids.
They’re still here, and they will leave in three days. Uh-oh! Hannah is wailing, and Mother told me to take care of her . . .
What a wild day!



  1. Whew! I've had days when everything seems to be a whirlwind and you give a huge sigh of relief when the day is over. :) Fun story.

  2. Me too! I think today is going to be one of those days. My church group is going to something called the Fine Arts Festival. Its where a bunch of churches perform different dances and lots of other stuff. I'm to old to perform; I'm going as a chaperone. Its tons of fun!, but kind of chaotic. :-)
    Great ending Rishona! Trust Aunt Rebecca to start scolding people as soon as she gets in the door!

  3. I wondered if it was Aunt Rebecca! Fun story Rishona!

  4. Great job Rishona! I didn't even think about it being Aunt Rebecca! :)

  5. Mrs. M,
    Did you take the pictures for the book covers in order? I noticed that Jessica has brown hair for the first five books, but her hair is almost black in price of truth.

  6. It's the difference between outside shots and inside shots. The inside shots make Jessica's hair look a lot darker (closer, actually, to what Andi's really is). Pray! I have a few pictures left where Jessica looks older (for an older Andi) but they need some Photoshop work. Hope it can happen and that Kregel will want to use them. I'm running out of good shots that look different from the other books. :-(

  7. thanks everyone i'm glad you liked it. it's funny because i almost made Troy come back but changed my mind!

    1. I thought is was going to be T.J. Lol


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