Saturday, August 3, 2013

Virginia's Next Riding Lesson--a new view . . . . by Aimee

A little snippet about Virginia's riding lesson from HER point of view! By Aimee (367 words).

I was so excited about my second riding lesson. My mother made arrangements with Mrs. Carter that my riding lessons would be on Wednesday. My mother also got me a new riding outfit.
"Virginia, time to head for school," I heard my father say. I ran downstairs. When I reached him, we started heading for the school.  As we walked, dad said, "You will be riding with the Carters to their home."
We reached the school just before Andi and her friend, Rosa. I went into the school, climbed the stairs of the two-story building. I sat in my seat just as the opening school bell rang.
At the end of school day, Justin Carter helped Andi, Rosa, and me into the buggy. "Are you girls ready to go?" Justin asked. We all nodded. 
Justin then slapped the reins, and Pal took off. It took about an hour to get to their house.
When we finally arrived, Justin helped us out of the buggy. Andi said that I would be riding Snowflake, because Pal was sweaty from pulling the buggy. 
After Snowflake was saddled, I saw Mitch saddling his horse.
“Andi, can you please ask Mitch to help with lessons today?" I asked.
Andi hesitated for a moment and then said that she would ask.
I was so happy that I began to dance.
Andi joked with me, "Virginia, you are taking riding lessons, not dancing lessons.” 
Once I saw Mitch behind Andi, I couldn't help myself but jumped up and hugged him.
"I will only be able to stay a little while,” Mitch said. “Chad needs help with Whirlwind. Okay, Virginia, can you mount Snowflake?" he asked.
Once I mounted, I reminded myself that I must do everything perfectly. After thirty minutes, I was done.
"Great job, Virginia! You are riding like a pro," Andi praised.
I stopped Snowflake and jumped down. “Thanks, Andi and Mitch, for teaching me to ride," I said.
“Mitch, don't you have to be somewhere?" Andi asked.
“I totally forgot. See you later,” Mitch replied. 
Andi giggled and said, “Come on, Virginia. Let’s unsaddle Snowflake and get inside. Your dad isn't suppose to pick you up for another hour.”

The End



  1. That was a fun read. Thanks and good job, Aimee. :)

  2. good job Aimee!
    I like how you wrote it from Virginia's point of view. :)

  3. That was fun to read it from Virginia's point of view!!
    Good Job!

  4. I really liked the change in point of view! Great job!

  5. I enjoyed the new perspective and getting an insight into Virginia. She truly seemed excited and I liked that.
    Wonderful job and a nice short story, I'm so envious of you writers who can write such wonderful and flowing short stories. I am terrible at writing short stories. :)
    Great job Aimee and write more soon!

    -Calamity Rene

    1. I have problems with the short part as well!

    2. Me three!! LOL :)

    3. I think that's usually an indication of people who love to talk a lot. I know that's my problem, and it shows in my writing. I like to write LONG stories and talk a lot. ;)

      -Calamity Rene

    4. Well, I like to talk a lot too, and writing short stories can be a challenge, but it's lots of fun too. The more you work on it, the easier it will be. Try writing several short stories (1,500 words) and see what happens. :)

  6. Thanks everyone on your comments I really appreciate it.

  7. What is Ezine???

    1. It is an email list so that when I have something interesting to tell everybody (like the short-story writing contest or new books, etc.) I send out an email. If you are interested, you can sign up for it on the sidebar. It is a blue box, just under the yellow tabs/links. :-)

  8. I wrote one comedy and one characterization piece about Jack's mother, and I can tell you, writing sad stories are a million times harder than comedies!
    Mrs. Marlow had to do a ton of editing on my sad story.

    1. Audrey! I didn't have to edit your post very much . . . not the "sad story" part anyway. I just fixed a few of the timeline/facts part. You did a good job. I will post it tomorrow and everyone can see. :-)

  9. Okay, maybe I was a bit over dramatic. I overuse the word 'ton' :-). I love the little changes you made! It made my story fit better. Thank you so much for opening up the the guest posts. I've always loved to write, and this gave me something to write for.

  10. nice story Aimee


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