Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three and a half weeks and counting . . .

The summer is slipping away, but that is good news for all of you who are looking forward to entering the Circle C Adventures & Beginnings short story contest coming up in September. I finally secured my judges, finished up the "Official Contest Rules," and finalized the contest prizes. The contest page is ready to publish right here, and will be part of the TAB LINE UP (just above this post) the first or second week of September. The contest will officially begin on September 16, after I have finished canning peaches and helped my daughter begin the school year.

Let the countdown begin! 


  1. Yippee! I will be back by the time the competition starts! Can't wait!!!

  2. Finally, I have the whole collection! I love it when I finally get the whole series together. I read dangerous decision today. I loved it!

  3. Well, that's so grand to know. Thanks for sharing. I should really go back and read them myself, just to keep me up to date with "Andi" before I dive into writing too much more of the new series. :-)
    I am looking forward to reading everybody's stories. I hope a lot of people enter the contest!

  4. I am really excited for the contest! I already have a lot of my story written!

  5. I found the story that is a preview chapter for the new series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of my favorite short stories! I practically had to go through all the old posts to find it. Drum roll please.........whoops I can't tell you :-). Are you going to reveal it Andi?

    1. O . . . K . . . are you sure? LOL
      Send me a message via the message box in the right sidebar and I'll tell you if you are right or not. :-)

      I will reveal it when I know the series is a definite "go." That may take awhile. Tell me your guess (in the message box)!

      Maybe I'll have a contest to see who else can guess. Hmmm . . . great idea, actually.

    2. P.S. All anyone has to do is click the "Ranch Stories" graphic on the sidebar and skim through all of those. :-)

    3. I think I found it too!
      don't worry, I won't say a word... ;)



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