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The Birthday Cake Calamity Part 3 . . . by Faith

It's time to present the special bakery delight to Mother. How is it received? Find out in part 3 of Faith's story.
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I could hardly sit still in my chair all through dinner that night. We had a dining room filled with people. Cory and his family, some of Mother’s close friends from church, and a few of our neighbors from the surrounding ranches. Even my sister Kate was there with her kids.
Jeffrey Sullivan was there too (Oh yeah, this was before we found out he was a sneak.) I was sitting between Cory and my nephew, Levi. I glanced over at Melinda every so often, and she always smiled her biggest smile back at me. We had a secret. I giggled at one point, causing Cory to become curious.
“What’s so funny, Andi?” he asked, taking a drink of his punch.
“Nothing,” I beamed.
He gave me a mocking look then turned back to his dinner plate. Phew! I hadn’t let our surprise slip. Justin, Chad, and Mitch gave Mother some gifts then sang the birthday song for her. When they had finished, Mitch gave me a confused look and asked, “Do you have something for, Mother?”
 “You bet we do!” I said, nearly bubbling with joy.
 “Uh-huh!” Melinda came and stood by my side.
Just then, the kitchen doors flew open and Luisa came out, pushing our cake on a moveable cart. I gasped. That was not our cake! It couldn’t be! The cake that Luisa was pushing out was lopsided, breaking, and the frosting was all melted! Melinda’s hand flew over her mouth.
We’re doomed! I thought.
 “What is this?” Mother asked, at a loss for words. She pulled her hands back from the mound of cake.
Luisa smiled. “It’s your birthday cake, señora.” She bowed then stepped back behind Mother’s chair.
Chad stooped over it with a wrinkled face. “What happened to it?”
“I could do better than that,” Levi whispered to me with a laugh.
Tears filled my eyes.
“It’s . . . umm . . . lovely,” Mother said, looking up at Chad.
“Luisa, what did you do to this cake?” Chad asked with a slight chuckle.
“Oh, I did nothing.” She laughed. “This cake was made by las señoritas Andrea and Melinda.”
Chad’s eyebrows went up a hair. Cory pointed at me then burst out laughing. One by one, the room filled with uncontrollable laughter. Jeffrey took out his handkerchief and delicately wiped joyous tears form his eyes.
I could feel my face turning red with an embarrassment. I thought for sure it would make me sick. Cory’s father was pounding the table with his fist, while Levi slapped his knee. They all looked so tickled. I wanted to run to my room, but I seemed glued to the floor.
Then Mitch’s voice cut in over all the noise. “Now, now.” He smiled, holding his hands up to quiet the group. “It was very sweet of you girls to do this for Mother.”
 “I think so too,” Mother said, giving us a loving smile.
 “I think we should dig in and enjoy this wonderful gift the girls gave you, Mother.” Mitch took up a cake knife. With a wink to me and Melinda, he cut the top layer.
Mitch has always been overly generous when it comes to cake cutting. He gave Mother an embarrassingly large portion of our . . .  not-quite-a-masterpiece. Chad jumped in with another knife, while Justin passed out pieces to everyone. I watched as Mother poked her fork into the pink cake and brought it up to her mouth. She tasted the frosting and smiled. Then she took a bite of the cake part.
That’s when it happened . . .
“It’s terrible!” Cory shouted, dropping his fork.
I couldn’t breathe. I watched as Mother’s lips began to twist into a disgusted expression. “It’s . . . it’s very salty,” she said, trying to be light-hearted about it.
I was startled then by Chad’s outburst of laughter. “Did you girls taste this?” He asked, amazed.
Melinda and I just shook our heads dumbly.
“The frosting is wonderful, girls.” Mitch smiled with twinkling eyes. “It’s the best part.”
 “I think so too,” Justin added quickly.
 “It’s the only good part.” Cory puffed our his cheeks and took a drink of water.
 “And you girls made it my favorite color,” Mother said with a “thanks” in her voice.
That did it. Melinda turned and ran for kitchen. Without thinking, I did the same. I guess when you see your big sister run, it’s in your blood to run too. We burst into the kitchen like a bunch of frightened kittens.
Melinda slumped into a chair near the table and sobbed. I stood by the door with tears in my eyes. Of all the things they had to compliment, it had to be the one thing we didn’t do! I was mortified.
Nila stood at the sink washing dishes. “Was a good lesson, no?” She smiled softly.
“I can’t ever show my face again,” Melinda cried.
“We should have listened to them, sis,” I told Melinda. “They were right.”
Sí, we were right,” Luisa said, coming in.
“What did we do wrong?” I asked as tears threatened to spill over.
Luisa walked over to the salt and sugar sacks. “You mixed them up, Andrea,” she said, pointing at the bags. “I saw it all.”
“Why didn’t you stop me?” I was even more horrified now, to know that this outrage could have been spared.
“And why did our cake melt?” Melinda demanded to know.
“You girls know little about baking,” Luisa said. “I know much. I know that one learns from mistakes. You girls will learn from this. Next time, trust that we know what we say.”
“I guess you’re right,” I said.
“It takes a strong person to confess their faults,” Mother said, coming into the kitchen. She slipped her arm around me. “I was so blessed by your gift,” she told me and Melinda. “When I heard it was from you, I could tell that you girls had done your best. Even if the taste was bitter, it was the thought that counts. Right?”
“Right.” I sighed.
At that point, Mitch and Justin came in. “Well, you girls did good on the icing.” Mitch winked.
Melinda sobbed. “We didn’t make the icing!”
“Luisa and Nila did,” I said, gulping back tears.
 Mitch’s face softened. “No wonder.”
Mother took my hand in one of hers and Melinda’s in her other. “Listen, girls.” She smiled. “I have never felt so blessed by you on my birthday. I really do love my cake. And I don’t feel disappointed one bit. Really.”
“Say, look on the bright side,” Justin put in, crossing his arms over his chest. “It will make a great story one day. And both of you learned to work together. Spending time with one another is the best way to build relationships.”
Melinda and I looked at one another. She smiled. “I guess we did kind of have fun.”
“Sure we did,” I agreed.
“See! I knew that something good would come out of this,” Mother said. “I need to go see to my guests.” She stood up. “You girls don’t have to join us if you don’t want to.”
 “Thanks.” I sighed with relief.
Mother pushed open the door with a wave. Justin wrapped me up in a big hug and said, “You girls are special.”
“Thanks, Justin.” I laughed. “I’ll say one thing for it, though.”
“What’s that, sis?” Mitch asked.
“If ever someone to wants play a cake joke on another, all they have to do is ask Melinda or me, and we’ll take care of it. We’re regular experts!”
“Isn’t that the truth!” Melinda giggled.
“One last thing,” Mitch remembered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two hair pins. Dropping them into Melinda’s hand he chuckled, “I found these in my piece of cake.”
Melinda shook her head. With a genuine smile she said, “Well, I guess this is what we call a birthday-cake calamity! I’ll never make a cake again without a chef's hat on.” She tossed the pins across the room and made them land square in the waste bin.
We all laughed. This was one birthday we would not forget! 

P.S. (Andi's addition. Here is what the cake looked like after Luisa and Nila baked one the next day. This is what a birthday cake is supposed to look like.)

 The End



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  5. Faith sends her greetings and her thanks:

    Thank you so much for posting my story! And that picture is great! I love it. Please thank the girls again for me:) I'm so happy they enjoyed it. Have a nice day...

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