Friday, August 30, 2013

"Old McMarlow Had a Farm"

Audrey asked if I have any farm animals . . .

I don't have animals right now, but we have had lots in the past! Here is a little Photo Journey to the Marlow farm, all packed onto one acre. Note: we did not have all of these animals at the same time!

First on the line up is our Nubian milking goats. At one time I milked 3 does and we had a buck named Picasso too. I really liked milking goats!  

We had so much goat's milk that we took on a day-old calf each year.The yearling is in the background and the "new" calf is here. Since we didn't have a horse (yet), the kids took turns "riding" the calf. The kids' favorite part was when the mobile butcher came out to our place and shot and butchered the steer right there in the pasture then drove away with it to cut and wrap.

Chickens are my favorite farm animal, and when goats and cows and sheep went away, chickens always remained. If you don't like your rooster or your hen stops laying, they are easy to make "go away." We used to kill them but you get more money at the sales barn. This next picture shows Kristel and Chad with the latest "kill." Their city-slicker cousin, Sherry, thinks it is all gross!

 My least favorite farm animal is a sheep. It was also our first farm animal. They don't smell good and after accidentally killing our first lamb by trying to "dock" its tail (we were too poor to buy an elastrator to band the tail), it is a wonder we kept on being farmers. LOL

Panda (short for Pandora) was Kristel's favorite farm animal. Notice the braided tail and mane (ribbons included in mane). This was the best horse ever . . . more like a pet than anything else. Panda was 14.2 hands and 23 years old when we got her. And she even galloped in the field across the street.

Even when all of our large animals "left," chickens remained. This is Andrew with the last of our livestock.

 photo 3825C7C7786297A6FF1441ABB6A7AE89_zps0a54deca.png


  1. Cool! We have eight chickens, but they are NOT for eating! We love them all dearly! They all have names. They do lay eggs. Do you still have chickens? Do you have any house pets?

  2. That's fun! (except for the poor little lamb!) :(
    we have some horses and goats too! :)
    I've never 'done in' a chicken, but I did a rabbit. (my sis thought it was gross!)

  3. You may not have liked the sheep, but the sheep looks rather fond of you!

  4. We have cows to butcher too. I also think it's great fun when the butcher comes out!!!!

  5. Why do you think butchering is fun? It's tragic in our house when animal passes away( of course, all of our animals are PETS). Just curious :-)

    1. I agree with you all the way. i am so fond of animals.


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