Friday, August 23, 2013

Audio books for the Circle C Adventures

Due to popular request, I am in the process of recording audio books for the Circle C Beginnings. I am using my granddaughter for "Andi's" parts and it's turning out really cute. If I can figure out a way to put it up here, I will post a sample audio chapter.

And that got me thinking. Should I also narrate the Circle C Adventures books and put them on MP3 and/or CDs too? I put up a poll in the sidebar. Feel free to vote. Or comment here. Or both.

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  1. I think it's a great idea!!
    You should do both! :D
    Where will you get all of the voices?

    can't wait for the sample audio!


    P.S. About the writing contest, am I able to enter a story that I wrote as a guest post?

    1. I only use Kaetlyn's voice for the Andi parts, and I read the rest of them. I tried Kevan (my grandson) but it was way too much work. For the CCA (older books) I would narrate them straight, just like a book on CD.

      You may enter original stories that have not been posted yet.

    2. Ok, thanks, :)
      So would it be okay if I write a story about Andi, when she is around 8? (between CCB and CCA)

      when you read the books for a audio, will you be changing your voice to kind of sound like mother, brothers, etc.?

    3. Sure, it's fine!

      I do my best! I will try to upload a sample chapter onto my webpage sometime.

  2. Do both!!!! I would be awesome if you could somehow get a bunch of people to play the different roles in the older series. I love the audio of the Chronicles Of Narnia.
    Hi Meg,
    I don't know for sure, but I feel like I read on an old post that we weren't allowed to use guest posts in the competition. I was bummed because I really liked my guest post!

    1. I think I should include a FAQ section, since so many people ask questions about the contests. You are right, Audrey.

      Yes, it would be fun to dramatize the CCA, but *big sigh* you have no idea how hard it is to simply include ONE extra voice . . . and a few sound effects (horse snorting; chickens clucking). It is way beyond the scope of my little production effort to do anything so elaborate!

  3. Please do both. I do not have a mp3 player.

  4. So is there going to be a first second and third place for each age category? There is different age category s right? And are you going to read all the entrees like when the contest is over?


    1. I'll read everything, but not be one of the judges. There are 3 categories for 3 different age groups, and a first, second, and 2 honorable mentions for each category. Twelve winners in all.

      I'll post all the rules the beginning of September . . .

  5. Audio CDs! How exciting! I re-read and re-re-read and re-re-re-read the Circle C books all the time. I love them!!! Can't wait for the competition - I love writing!


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