Monday, March 11, 2013

What happened to "Cory"?

"Cory" age 14
June and Emily want to know whatever happened to the guy who modeled Cory.
This is an easy answer, as Cory is my son, Ryan Luke Marlow. He was fourteen years old when he modeled Cory on Trouble with Treasure, the same age as Cory in the story. He was also homeschooled. When I needed "Cory," I made a deal with Ryan. He wanted to let his hair grow out for the summer. I said, "Okay, what about this? I need a Cory, and you look like him--blond, etc. If you wear a pair of overalls and model with Jessica (Andi), you can let your hair grow as long as you like."

"Cory" age 19
Yep. He agreed, and I had my "Cory." He later went on to community college, got a job, but then got bored with it. So he thought he'd join the Air Force. Here he is, in the Air Force. He got sent to Lakenheath AFB in England. Far from home. It was a hard two years. Poor "Cory" (AKA Ryan) developed something called Meniere's Disease, an inner ear illness that makes you deaf in one ear, dizzy, sick, and ringing in your ear. He could not be deployed or even carry a weapon any longer.

Like the apostle Paul's "thorn in the flesh," Ryan will always have it. But he got a nice medical discharge from the Air Force after two years and just came home last Thanksgiving. Now he is going to college to get a degree in Computer Science.

"Cory" (Ryan) age 21, with his NEW NIECE.

I hope that answered your question, ladies!
Oh, one more picture. Ryan with his sister, Kristel's, new little baby. 

Stay tuned for the "Andi" (Jessica) update!



  1. Andi, did any of your brothers get married yet? If so, what is life like for them now?

    1. That question is on the "list," and I will address it when I get a chance! Stay tuned! :-)

  2. Hey Andi (Mrs. Marlow), I wanted to Thank you for keeping up this blog!!
    I really love it!
    Thanks so much!!
    (Love your books!)

    1. You're very welcome, Anne. But I couldn't keep it up if I didn't have you and others asking questions and giving me ideas on what to write about! That makes it fun!

  3. Hey There

    Thanks for the post, its really great! :)


  4. Thank you so much for a wonderful, informative post!
    I can't believe your model Cory is your son!
    Thanks so much for always responding to our requests so quickly!

    Emily :)

  5. I didn't Cory was your son either!

  6. Nice post! My brother wants to go into the Air Force ( or army)


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