Friday, March 28, 2014

More Pictures!

James Carter about age 40
Everybody likes to see pictures of my family, the ranch, and just fun shots. Here are a few more I scrounged up to share. Enjoy!

Melinda filling a canteen
I found an old picture of Father. Isn't he handsome? I can see where Justin, (Kate), Chad, and I got our dark hair. Mother is blond, and so are Mitch and Melinda.

Speaking of Melinda, she's pretty camera shy, but I caught one of her filling her canteen and getting ready to go riding. I don't know why she didn't invite me. Hmmm . . . maybe she's off to go riding with that awful Jeffery Sullivan. 

Well, it's nice to see I'm not the only one Justin likes to give "big brother" talks to. He pulled my sister Kate aside in the barn one morning and had a talk with her about her three rowdy little kids. I doubt it will do much good. But maybe if Justin jabs her a few times with his "hostile witness lawyer-pointing" finger, Kate will get the message. Better her than me.

 I found one of Mitch racing the "iron horse," the name some folks give to the railroad engine. It's fast, all right, and Mitch was crazy to try and beat the train to the crossing. But he did it. Barely. By a hair's breadth. Whoosh. That brother scares me sometimes.

Yikes! I was tempted to burn this one. Where did Mother get that enormous bow she tied in my hair? I'm four years old and don't look a bit happy at this arrangement Where are my overalls and braids? *sigh*

And finally, I found another picture of me with my nieces and nephew. Check out those cute bloomers Melinda made for Hannah!



  1. Thank you SO much for the pictures!!!!

    Fern :)

  2. What is so awful about Jeffery Sullivan?

    1. Oh, you will see! I will write about him sometime.

  3. I like the one when you were little!

  4. Love the pictures!!


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