Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Cory Up To?

Cory dressed for Sunday school.
I'm trying to catch up with all the questions you've asked lately. Now that the contest is over and the winners announced, I can go back to writing answers. I can't remember who, but somebody asked me what Cory is up to lately. He's up to plenty!

I probably never told you much about Cory's family. Did you know he has twin sisters? Yeah, twice the fun, you think, or twice the trouble. In Cory's case, it's twice the trouble.

Amanda is on the left. Amy is on the right.
Those two little girls may look sweet and innocent, but they are a couple of holy terrors, let me tell you! They just turned six years old and started school this year. Cory was given the task of taking his little sisters to school the first day (just like I took my nephew Levi to school last year). He had one by each hand, and they were screaming and sobbing. "They aren't real keen on the idea of starting school," he told me with a grin. (Well, I can't really blame them for that.)

I remember my little niece Betsy last year, when she lived on the ranch for awhile. She nearly drove me crazy and that was only one little girl! But two? I don't know how Cory manages them. 

But nothing seems to bother Cory much. He hauled Amy and Amanda into Miss Hall's classroom, slammed the door real quick, then raced up the stairs to our classroom. "Ma told me I just have to make sure they get to the classroom in one piece, and that they make it home in one piece. I don't have to watch 'em on the playground. That's Miss  Hall's job." He whistled. "She's got her hands full this year."  

But I know that deep down, Cory loves those two little troublemakers. Last summer they came down with scarlet fever, and Cory was right there, reading to them and making up stories to keep them still. I went over there too and brought them lemon sticks to suck on to soothe their throats. Actually, they do look kind of sweet when they're lying still . . .



  1. Hi Andi! Nice post about Cory and his sisters :)

  2. Have you ever been through an earthquake, Andi?
    In science we learned that California has quite a few of them.
    God bless.

    1. Oh, yes, Ira-Grace. I have, and they are scary. I will write about that topic in a post sometime! Thanks for the question.

  3. Andi, in the 6th book it seemed like that you like Jack. Do you like him?


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