Saturday, August 11, 2012

Goldtown Adventures

There's a new series coming out, and even though it's not about me, it is still a fun and adventurous bunch of stories. Here is the  cover for the first book, Badge of Honor. And guess what? My brother Chad is in the second book, Tunnel of Gold. He's 12 back in 1864, and I SO wish I'd been born back then. Chad told me how he learned to pan for gold and ended up in an old mine that started to . . . oops. I'd better not give everything away. The first book is full of adventure too. If you want to read the first couple of chapters, you can go here: Goldtown Adventures.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that book 1, Badge of Honor comes out November 1, and book 2 next March 2013. I'm going to have a contest and give a book away (with a vial of real gold too) when the book comes out.


  1. Ooh1 Can't wait. I guess I'll just have to read these until more Circle C Adventures come out.

  2. Are you really giving away a vial full of real gold? That sounds cool!


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