Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Happened to Peter Wilson?

Peter, Mitch's best friend
I'm so sorry it's been forever since I've posted anything.
Sydney asked a question in a comment the other day. She asked:  

I was wondering what happened to Peter Wilson after the trial in Price of Truth

 That is such a good question, Sydney. I'll try to remember what happened. I actually tried to block those awful few weeks out of my head. But since Peter IS Mitch's best friend, it only seems fair to "finish the story." Okay, here goes . . .

In case you don't remember, I saw Peter commit that crime in the back alley. Well . . . nobody would believe me, which was perfectly dreadful! Without giving away the entire story, it was an "all's well that ends well" story ending, and Peter actually admitted what he'd done. That said, we went home, but Justin went to talk to Peter later on. He didn't tell me everything he and Peter talked about (Justin sometimes doesn't tell me much), but because he admitted his guilt, he did not have to go to another trial. *huge sigh of relief for me!* I never, ever want to get up on any witness stands EVER AGAIN!!

Charles Wilson,
Peter and Johnny's father
Instead, Justin took me to Judge Wyatt's chambers a few days later and I told him exactly what I'd seen: It was an ACCIDENT. Both Peter and Ben Dockers were fighting each other and Mr. Dockers was killed by accident! (I can't believe how many times I had to say that!). FINALLY, the judge agreed that Peter had killed him in self-defense and he did not have to spend even one day more in jail or even go to prison. I was very glad about that, because Peter is just as nice as can be.

Update: Guess what! Peter is interested in courting my sister Melinda!


  1. I like the pictures you used :) Really miss your posts, post more!

  2. What really did happen to Johnny?? Thanks for the 'update' on Peter!

  3. I heard that you can't publish anymore Andi books because your publishers won't let you. If this is true, then why not get a new publisher? The Andrea Carter books are the best books I have ever read, it breaks me to think there won't be anymore! You CAN'T stop writing them!!!!!!!!!!!


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