Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yokut Indians

When I was out riding around the foothills the other day, I came across an old, abandoned Indian dwelling. Right away it reminded me of the afternoon I spent with the Yokut Indians when I was about six years old. (Indian Summer) What a scary time! I was scared to death of Indians . . . mostly because my friend Riley had read me this scary, scary book (called a dime novel) about Indians capturing people.

Then, we ended up getting lost in the middle of the ranch (after all, I was just a little kid), and two Indian boys showed up from behind some bushes! I was so scared, I started crying. Then worse! An Indian man showed up. There were Indians everywhere!
Come to find out, these Indians were the Yokuts, a peaceful, kind people. Riley and I ended up having a great time playing with the other children, eating acorn mush, and spending the night in a hut that looked just like the one above. The next day, the Yokut man, Lum-pa, took Riley and me home.

I promised my new Yokut friend, Choo-nook, that I would come back and see her again. And I did a few times. But I haven't seen her for a couple of years now, and I wonder if they moved. I know that a lot of white people were after the Yokuts (can you believe there was a $5.00 bounty on their heads? That means if they were KILLED, the killer got $5.00!). I find that horrible! No wonder they were hiding on our ranch, like Father suggested they do years and years ago.

I sure hope Choo-nook and her family are all right. I hope nobody found them.

But I wonder . . .


  1. That's to bad that some people killed the indians! :(

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    Sabrina Aragon.


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