Friday, November 26, 2010

Is Mitch Crazy or What?

The other day my brother Mitch got this crazy, horribly dangerous idea into his head. Sure, his horse Chase is fast (even faster than Taffy), but Mitch bragged that Chase is faster than even the Iron Horse. (That's the name for a train in the 1800s). 

So Mitch saddled up Chase and headed out to meet the 4:40 train that was due in to Fresno one afternoon. He rode way out, so he could catch it before it reached the railroad crossing. The road crosses the tracks at the crossing, and Mitch said he could beat the train there and cross the tracks before the train did. I couldn't bear to watch, because I thought it was a stupid idea, actually. I have three brothers, but even at that, I can't afford to lose Mitch. If I did, who would take my side during all my arguments with Chad?

But all's well that ends well. Mitch took his friend Peter with him to back his story up (and maybe drag him out of trouble if it came to that), and Peter said Mitch beat that ol' Iron Horse by 20 yards, if not more.

Well, 20 yards doesn't seem like too big of a lead if you ask me. Not when that black, metal beast was traveling at 30 miles an hour! And here I thought that I was the crazy, impulsive one of the family. I wouldn't try that trick on Taffy . . . not for all the gold in California.

(The American Quarter Horse is the king of speed. In fact, racing American Quarter Horses have been clocked at nearly 50 mph as they cross the finish line.)


  1. Hannah from ArizonaJuly 23, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    Wowzers! That's actually kinda cool......but Mitch IS crazy. :) LOL.

  2. Hey Andi! I've seen that episode! My brother loves the Big Valley!

    1. I get the best ideas and find the best pictures from that show. I love it too. :-)


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