Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's the Big Deal about Gold?

With Andi's new book coming out in a month, Andrea Carter and the Trouble with Treasure, I thought I'd so a little "gold fever" posts. Why? Because Cory has a bad case of gold fever and Andi goes along with it. Is there gold in those creeks up in the mountains? Maybe.

What's the big deal about gold, anyway? So many people have gone crazy over it. We're not going to go into too much history (boring!), but gold has been the symbol for wealth since the beginning of time. It's shiny, heavy, can be spun as fine as thread (gold thread), rolled out as a paper-thin sheet, and etched on and turned into gold coins. It's beautiful. Even the streets of Heaven have been described as being pure gold. Wow! That's a lot of gold!

Why do the kids want to find gold? Because it is worth a lot of money. In 1880, gold was worth $21 an ounce. Today it is worth about $900 an ounce! Back in 1880, gold was needed to make coins. That's right. Most people dealt with real coins for money and didn't think much of the new "greenbacks" (paper money).

Gold coins were stamped as $5.00 (a half-eagle), $10.00 (an eagle), and $20.00 (double-eagle.

Next: The California Gold Rush!


  1. Oh, cool! Can't wait til the book comes out! (-:Kendra


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