Monday, November 24, 2008

My Little Friend, Lin Mei

This is my new little friend, Lin Mei. I never really discovered how old she is, because she was snatched from her home near Canton, China, when she was only about four or five years old. But I think she's about eight.
She can't remember much of her life in China. She only knows that her father owed a lot of money to a gambling den, and he sold his own little girl to an old woman. Lin Mei cried and shrieked; her mother cried, but the old woman bought her and put her on a ship to America. I guess the old woman promised Lin Mei's parents that she would have a much better life in the Golden Mountain (America). Can you believe that? Little Lin Mei became a Mui Tsai, which translates "little sister" but really means "slave."

I met Lin Mei while I was attending Miss Whitaker's Academy for Young Ladies (a whole other subject!). She was a kitchen servant. I had no idea she was a slave. The Chinese man in charge of the school's kitchen was passing her off as his niece. Jenny (my roommate) and I felt so badly for this miserable, overworked little girl. We decided to befriend her, little knowing what terrible things would happen because we did!

You can read all about my adventures with Lin Mei in Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers, coming out fall 2008.

I hope to post some entries in the "Old West" category about the true, historical facts about the "Yellow Slave Trade" in the west, many years after the Civil War was fought and slavery was abolished. Stay tuned!


  1. Do you miss Lin Mei? Do you miss the girls school place?

  2. I will write a journal (i.e. blog entry) about that sometime. I put it down on the master list! :-) (along with about 8 other posts I need to write, from readers asking questions.) LOL

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    1. There is a picture of her in this post:

  4. so she is a real person? serious? wow! she was really a slave?

    1. The little girl in the picture is a real girl . . . the adopted daughter of a friend. She was the model for the cover of San Francisco Smugglers, and she portrayed a "could have been" real little slave girl. There were many back in the 1800s. But Gracie (the picture) is of course not a slave.

      This post was written from Andi's Point of View, so she is writing about her experiences in the book with Lin Mei.


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