Monday, May 5, 2008

Aunt Rebecca

I figured since I'm going to be spending a good deal of time with my aunt in the coming months, I should tell you a little bit about her. If you're wondering why I'm staying with dear old Aunt Rebecca, you'll find out soon enough when San Francisco Smugglers comes out.

For now, I'll try to be fair. It's hard, though, because Aunt Rebecca has always been one for sticking her nose in our family's business--and mostly in my business. I dread her visits to the ranch. It's always "Andrea, stop running. Andrea, can't you ever walk like a lady? Andrea, a young lady's skin should not be so tan. You're brown as an Indian. Andrea, you should spend less time with that smelly horse...." And so on until I find myself spending every waking minute as far away from Auntie as I can get---usually up at my special spot with Taffy.

Here is a picture of Aunt Rebecca. Maybe she looks like a nice old lady, but I have to tell you that she's got some mighty peculiar ideas on how the Carter family should behave (me, especially, since I'm the youngest. I guess she figures I'm not "finished" yet).

Aunt Rebecca lives in a fancy house in San Francisco. She's always trying to talk my mother into letting me stay with her, so she can set me on the right path in society. Trouble is, I figure I'm already on the "right" path. I don't want to spend time in the City. It gives me the shivers to think about being trapped in San Francisco for more than a day or two. I dreaded it so much, in fact, that a year ago I took off because I heard my family talking about packing me off to Aunt Rebecca's. Looking back, I realize that was stupid of me. I should have just sat down and talked it over with my mother instead of running away.

Anyway, Aunt Rebecca is my father's oldest sister. She never married, so she's what folks call a "spinster." She's from Boston, Massachusetts. When her parents died (way before I was born), my father welcomed her out West. She was delighted to make a place for herself in San Francisco. That way she could be closer to her dear brother's family (that's what she said). She interferes a lot, but my mother overlooks it because she's family. Thankfully, my mother doesn't let Auntie boss me too much.

But now...? I'm on my way to San Francisco for two whole months! I am definitely not looking forward to this. But Aunt Rebecca certainly is. Mother says I should think how happy I'll make a lonely old woman, and try to get along with her.

I'll try.

But it won't be easy...


  1. Sounds like you'll have fun! [not!]

  2. Thinking of you I would not be able to sit still also i just have to much spunk and energy i like to do boy things and not girl things i hate being reminded to sit lady like and all that but i still find a way out of all that ladylike stuff.My real name is coralie but i am nicknamed Curly.

  3. Well i know i would not look froward to all! Like Andi I would not at all like to live in the city with an Aunt like that.

  4. People also call women who never married "old maids." :D


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