Monday, March 3, 2008

Are Cory and I Still Friends?

Sarah wants to know if Cory and I are still friends after the third book (Family Secret), since he was pretty mad at me for not telling him what was going on about my sister showing up at the ranch. I won't say anymore about that, in case it might spoil the story for somebody who hasn't read that adventure yet.

But the answer is...yes. Cory and I will always be friends--even though we get into arguments about the dumbest things. But really? Who else will challenge me to a horse race or go fishing with me? Most of my town friends live too far away to ride out to the ranch just to go fishing or exploring.

Cory and I have known each other since we were little. He's like having a brother just my own age, and I like that. You know what he told me the other day? He said he's got an old, outdated map the land office was throwing away. It's marked with old gold mines and diggings. He's fixing to go off looking for gold one of these days, and he asked if I want to go along. He said we'd split everything we find right down the middle--50/50. What do you think of that? Hey, that might make another good adventure to write about sometime...

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  1. Thats cool i with i had a friend like cory


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